seamless operations in uncertain times

Financial institutions like yours play a critical role in helping our economy recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. From processing CARES Act loans to improving and maintaining your digital banking infrastructure and other mission-critical priorities, keeping your institution fully staffed and productive is a must — and we're here to help. We offer qualified talent for virtually every role to ensure that you continue operating seamlessly in our new normal.


talent delivery that scales with your needs

If you haven't already been inundated with loan applications, you almost certainly will be soon. Meanwhile, your online banking functionality and digital infrastructure are more critical than ever, but you need top-tier developers to make sure they’re stable, effective and serving your customers’ needs. We can deliver the talent you need to handle those challenges — and any others you encounter along the way.

Better yet, we can staff as many hires as you need when you need them. These include hires for key roles like:

credit analysts

loan workout managers

loan processors

loan modification specialists

loan underwriters

loan service representatives

java developers

python developers

.NET developers

... and more! These skilled professionals will provide much-needed support to your team as you help our communities' small businesses get back on their feet.


a trusted partner in a trying time

No one's sure when this will end, but the challenges COVID-19 poses for financial institutions and businesses of all sizes aren't going away any time soon. As a sought-after advisor with 60 years of expertise in the HR solutions industry, we've guided our customers through upswings, downturns, recessions and more. We know how valuable your work is, and we're here to make sure you have the people to carry on. 

After all, there's only one way we'll get through this — together.

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