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message from karen fichuk

It starts with two words: human forward. Here at Randstad, we’ve always made it our mission to connect authentically with you in the ever-changing landscape that is the workplace. Now, amid a challenging time, those two words ring more true than they ever have before. Your health and safety are our top priority, and we’re keeping an eye on this rapidly evolving situation to provide you exceptional service during this pandemic crisis. We will get through this together.

I wish you all the best. Stay safe, and stay healthy.

All the best, 

Karen Fichuk
CEO, North America
Executive Board Member

we're following guidelines and monitoring the crisis

All Randstad branches and corporate locations are working remotely. We believe this step is necessary to contain COVID-19, and if the government requires us to close our branches completely, we will — but our talent specialists will still be available to serve you.

  • Randstad US employees have remote access to company tools and resources. They're still reachable and available to you.
  • Should you need to staff up or down in response to COVID-19, we can assist you. Whether you need to release workers or are operating in a sector experiencing severe worker shortages, we're here to help.
  • In-person meetings will be limited. Interactions will take place over phone, email, instant message or video conferencing where possible. If an in-person meeting is necessary, additional precautions will be enforced.


As the situation evolves, we will continue to make updates.

FAQ for employers

During this period of uncertainty, Randstad is committed to being as transparent with our customers and talent as possible. Please see the answers to frequently asked questions about our policies, practices and plans for dealing with the coronavirus outbreak.

  • what is randstad doing in response to COVID-19?
    • Randstad's top priority is providing a safe and healthy work environment for all. Our executive team has created a coronavirus task force to manage all concerns and issues related to COVID-19, and we'll provide updates as information becomes available and decisions are made.

      We're focused on communicating prevention and mitigation steps as recommended by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) to prevent the spread of the virus.

      We also remain committed to working with our clients to address known issues and respond to their business needs, while maintaining a safe, healthy and productive workforce. Our business continuity planning team is monitoring the impact of coronavirus and will make recommendations as the situation develops.

  • can randstad still help me hire during the coronavirus outbreak?
    • Randstad recruits in a variety of market conditions, including tight labor markets and specialized skill environments. While following guidance from health authorities, we'll ensure our talent continues to meet the needs of our clients and customers in the safest and most effective manner possible.

      We recognize employers may have concerns about hiring at this time. Randstad is thoroughly screening candidates and potential hires to ensure your organization and employees are protected.

  • we have specific protocols and requirements to screen employees.
    will randstad’s temporary employees adhere to those guidelines?
    • We work with a large and diverse group of employers, so we’re accustomed to working with each of our clients to respond to their unique needs. We can work with you to develop compliant and pertinent protocols for your work environment while adhering to all applicable laws and health guidelines.

      Our dedicated health and safety team is leading our response to COVID-19 and ensuring that we follow the current best practices to keep you and your employees safe.

  • is randstad vetting employees before sending them to work for me?
    • Absolutely. Randstad is currently vetting all candidates and employees before they are cleared to work for a client. Before candidates start an assignment, they must undergo a thorough vetting process — no exceptions will be made. We're screening for factors including but not limited to:

      • whether they've traveled recently, particularly to high-risk locations
      • any known contact with a person who's been exposed to COVID-19
      • display of symptoms like cough, fever, etc.

  • what is randstad doing to prevent exposure to COVID-19?
    • We're enforcing strict measures to keep our employees and candidates safe. We are enforcing protective measures for our employees and taking added precautions when vetting candidates.

      • Randstad branches and corporate employees are voluntarily working from home.
      • Business travel outside the U.S. is restricted for all Randstad employees until further notice.
      • We will not place candidates who have been identified as at-risk following our vetting procedures. We will be thoroughly screening candidates based on their travel history and signs of illness.
      • We will ask anyone who has recently travelled, shown symptoms of illness or been in contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19 to self-isolate for 14 days.
      • Randstad employees are expected to follow Health Department guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

  • what is randstad doing to ensure workers don’t bring the virus
    into my workplace?
    • Randstad is promoting responsible behavior among all our workers. We are committed to informing, educating and driving awareness about CDC and WHO prevention guidelines, like social distancing. Additionally, we're working with clients to develop appropriate protocols so that all work environments align with best practices.

      Without exception, we are thoroughly vetting candidates before they are cleared to start a work assignment. If you believe an existing employee may have been exposed to the virus or if a situation arises where you need assistance urgently screening a worker for any reason, please reach out to your Randstad contact to access immediate support.

  • are randstad employees allowed to travel?
    • Business travel to at-risk areas identified by the CDC is restricted for all Randstad employees. Non-essential travel has been suspended in the U.S. between now and April 17, 2020. Client-related travel must be approved by the client and Randstad’s business leadership.

      Any Randstad employee (internal or talent) returning from personal travel to a restricted country, travel aboard a cruise ship or who had a travel layover in a restricted country is required to provide relevant travel and health information before going to the office or a client site. Individuals may be required to stay at home and self-monitor for symptoms for the CDC-recommended 14 days, depending on their responses.

  • if an employee tests positive for COVID-19, is the employee required to
    let us or randstad know?
    • We require all of our corporate employees and temporary workers to inform their manager or Randstad representative if they contract coronavirus. We will seek necessary voluntary consent to disclose personal information to our clients in this event.

      If consent is withheld, Randstad will provide clients with as much information as possible to allow you to take the necessary steps to protect your workforce without violating legal obligations owed to our employees. For example, we will provide information about the date, time and location of the potential exposure, but we may be unable to disclose an employee’s name.

  • can randstad recommend best practices to mitigate and prevent the spread of COVID-19?
    • Governments and health agencies are best positioned to determine the appropriate measures that should be followed at this time. We are following recommendations from organizations like the WHO and CDC, and we're adhering to their guidelines for mitigation and prevention. Steps we’re taking include:

      • communicating steps to talent and employees to prevent the spread of COVID-19
      • instructing workers to wash hands their hands frequently
      • sanitizing work areas frequently, especially high-traffic areas
      • providing disinfectant and hand-sanitizer to employees in their work stations
      • enforcing 14-day self-isolation for anyone who's recently traveled outside the U.S., been exposed to someone who has COVID-19 or has shown any cold or flu symptoms.

      If you need assistance implementing emergency health and safety measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in your workplace, our team is here to help. For additional information on current best practices we are following, please refer to these organizations:

  • what is randstad’s plan to sustain business during the COVID-19 pandemic?
    • Randstad maintains a business continuity team whose focus is to assure that all functions of our business remain operational. As the situation surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic is changing rapidly, we have established protocols to follow recommendations from federal and state authorities in a timely manner. We have also assigned local task forces and other advisory groups to ensure we continue to run our business and support our clients and workers in the safest and most effective manner. We will provide updates as necessary.

  • can i view a copy of randstad’s pandemic business continuity plan?
    • Please ask your Randstad representative for a copy of our business continuity plan.

  • can i ask a temporary worker to work from home?
    • In the current climate, we understand that you may feel more comfortable if all your employees, including temporary workers, work remotely. Please contact your Randstad representative to ensure the proper protocols and tools are available and that your temporary worker(s) have the tools they need to be effective remotely. We will do everything in our power to ensure that this transition goes smoothly.

resources for employers

We’ve assembled some resources to help you keep your workforce healthy. We will add more as the situation develops, so please refresh this page periodically. 

additional resources for employers
  • mckinsey: COVID-19 - implications for business
    • Companies around the world need to act promptly. How senior leaders can take steps to protect their employees, customers, supply chains and financial results. Read here.

  • HRDive: how to navigate the remote work learning curve during COVID-19
    • Introducing unfamiliar technologies to newly remote employees may expose digital gaps in the workplace so how can you quickly bring them up to speed? Here are three tips to keep your workforce productive and reassured during a time of crisis. Read here.

  • harvard business review: 8 questions employers should ask about coronavirus
    • This epidemic is a wake-up call for companies to carefully review the strategies, policies and procedures they have in place to protect employees, customers, and operations in this and future epidemics. Here are eight questions that companies should ask as they prepare for — and respond to — the spread of the virus. Read here.

  • harvard business review: what are companies’ legal obligations around coronavirus?
    • With the rapid global spread of coronavirus, companies should focus first and foremost on employee safety. And as they’re reviewing their strategies, policies, and procedures, many leaders are specifically wondering about their legal risk. Not having adequate communicable-illness policies and response plans could expose them to a laundry list of HR-related legal concerns. Read here.

  • SHRM: as coronavirus spreads, prepare infectious-disease plans
    • Many organizations, particularly multinationals, have infectious-disease management plans, but the majority do not. Companies need emergency teams headed by a coronavirus coordinator and a cross-functional team that includes HR, legal and information technology. Read here.

  • fast company: how HR leaders are preparing for the coronavirus
    • If you’re considering what route your company might take—or if you’re an employee trying to predict how your employer might respond to a potential escalation of the virus—here are some specific resources and steps other companies are taking. Read here.

  • everest: beyond hand sanitizer: mitigating business impact and uncovering the positive | webinar
    • It’s time to make a strategic business plan for the next few months and beyond – when the current situation is in our rearview mirror. You can learn to minimize impact to business operations by registering for Everest Group’s webinar entitled: “Coronavirus – Beyond Hand Sanitizer: Mitigating Business Impact and Uncovering the Positive”. Register here.

  • world health organization (WHO)
    • Official information and guidance regarding the current outbreak of coronavirus disease (COVID-19). Read here.

FAQ for randstad talent

Randstad is committed to maintaining safe and healthy workplaces for all our talent, employees and customers — but we can't do it alone. We need your cooperation in reducing the risk of illness for everyone in your workplace. Information about responsible behavior will be shared among our employees and talent in an effort to protect you and other people at your worksite.

  • i may have been exposed to COVID-19. what should i do?
    • If you suspect that you’ve been exposed to coronavirus, don't self-diagnose. COVID-19 presents differently depending on the person. You may display few or even no symptoms. If you may have been exposed, you should immediately:

      • Self isolate and do not report to work until you are properly diagnosed and have received medical confirmation that others will not be put at risk.
      • Follow the normal protocol for reporting an absence: contact your local Randstad representative and/or your client supervisor to inform them of your absence.
      • Follow CDC guidelines, including wearing a face mask and calling ahead before visiting your primary care provider or hospital. ductive workforce. Our business continuity planning team is monitoring the impact of coronavirus and will make recommendations as the situation develops.

  • if i'm sick or display symptoms of COVID-19, can i take a sick day?
    • If you're showing any signs or symptoms of being sick, please stay home and self-isolate for 14 days. Symptoms to look out for include: fever, sore throat, coughing, difficulty breathing, vomiting, diarrhea, severe headaches and ear pain.

      If you are sick, or think you may be getting sick, contact your local Randstad representative and/or your client supervisor to report your absence and discuss next steps.

  • if my current work location closes, what happens?
    • If such a situation arises, please reach out to your Randstad representative to discuss the details, including how long the closure may last. Randstad will also make every attempt to help you find another assignment during the closure.

  • will i be paid if i don’t go to work?
    • Each situation is unique based on your location, assignment and other factors. You may be eligible for a leave of absence (paid or unpaid) or sick leave depending on legislation in your location. If you are unsure if you are eligible for leave, please contact your Randstad representative. They will work with you to determine the best option available to you.

  • how can i avoid getting sick?
    • The most effective way to stop the spread of coronavirus is to wash your hands often and follow the proper technique. You can follow these guidelines to reduce your risk of infection, and prevent spreading the virus to others:

      • Wash your hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.
      • Use alcohol-based sanitizer if soap and water are not available.
      • Limit contact with others (for example, avoid shaking hands).
      • Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth with unwashed hands.
      • Regularly clean high-touch surfaces and devices that you handle frequently.
      • Avoid close contact with people who may be sick, especially if they have a fever, cough or difficulty breathing.
      • Do not share snacks from packets or bowls that are shared with others.
  • should i update others in my workplace about my health?
    • To contain the spread of coronavirus, we request that you notify your Randstad representative if you believe you may have been exposed to the virus or are showing any symptoms of having the virus. We strongly recommend that you only notify your Randstad representative and direct manager. Please refrain from telling others in your workplace while we reach out to you to investigate.

  • am i required to tell others about my future or past travel plans?
    • Yes. Please inform your Randstad representative, your manager and your immediate circle of contacts about future travel plans and travel that has occurred in the past 14 days. We need to know if you have traveled outside the U.S., if a member of your household has traveled outside the U.S., or if you have come in contact with someone who has been diagnosed with coronavirus or is currently (or previously has been) subject to quarantine.

      We also ask that you cooperate with requests or questions regarding your travel history. If you have any concerns about a client inquiry, please contact your Randstad representative.

  • if i contract COVID-19, what's required for me to return to work?
    • You may be required to provide some form of medical clearance before returning to work. Requirements will depend on your employer and contract. Please contact your Randstad representative to determine what documentation or other information is required before you may return to work.

  • will randstad notify management at my workplace if i'm sick or have been
    exposed to COVID-19?
    • You should continue to notify your Randstad representative and direct manager of any absences or if you are unable to work.

      As containing the spread of coronavirus is of utmost importance. In the event you test positive for COVID-19 or have been exposed to the virus, you are required to notify your Randstad representative and self-isolate for 14 days starting immediately.

  • if i get sick, will i be eligible to return to my current assignment?
    • You will remain an employee of Randstad, and we will work together to determine the best way for you to return to work. If your previous assignment is unavailable for you to return to for any reason, you will be eligible to apply to other assignments through Randstad.

  • can i work from home?
    • In some cases, a work from home arrangement may be possible. These arrangements will be made on a case-by-case basis and are dependent upon the company you are assigned to, your job duties, the company’s requirements, technological capabilities and other factors. Please reach out to your Randstad representative to determine if a remote work solution is possible for you.

  • my current worksite is not following best hygiene practices.
    who should i address this concern with?
    • If you are concerned about hygiene in your work location, please notify your local Randstad representative to determine a solution. If appropriate preventative measures are not in place at your worksite, this is a valid concern that we will address urgently. Examples of improper hygiene in your location may include: the soap dispenser in the bathroom being empty frequently, a lack of hot water, or a lack of hand sanitizer stations in your workplace, among other concerns.

  • with the spread of COVID-19, i don't feel safe coming into work.
    what should i do?
    • As the situation surrounding COVID-19 is evolving rapidly, we understand your concerns. However, we encourage you to reach out to your Randstad representative to discuss your concerns and if alternate options are available.

  • how long do i have to stay home if i'm diagnosed with COVID-19?
    • If you test positive for COVID-19, you must stay isolated (quarantined) for a minimum of 14 days. Depending on your contract, you may be required to provide some form of medical clearance before returning to work after testing positive for COVID-19.

resources for randstad talent and job seekers

From ways to find a new role to tips for staying productive while working remotely, these resources will help you stay focused and healthy during this difficult period. 

 upskill during a crisishow to be your virtual best