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Employee engagement refers to the level of emotional investment that employees feel toward their day-to-day work for their employers.

do you have an employee engagement problem?

here are some of the key signs of employee engagement problems and simple steps to take action.
  • communication among employees is poor
    • Average annual losses for companies with poor communication practices were $62 million. Don't let a weak culture of communication drag your business down — take steps to improve employee communication today.

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  • productivity is declining
    • If productivity is down, your employee engagement levels likely are, too. Act fast before the situation gets out of hand to keep morale — and employee output — high.

      what to do about declining productivity >
  • employees are avoiding work
    • Are your employees less than enthusiastic about taking on new assignments? Rethinking your approach to how, when and where work gets done could reinvigorate your team and improve their daily commitment levels.

      how to stop employees from avoiding work >
  • employee turnover is too high
  • compensation packages aren't competitive
    • Randstad research found that a majority of today's employees expect to receive an annual pay raise — and if they don't, they'll start looking for other opportunities. Don't let lackluster compensation and benefits drag down engagement.

      how to offer more competitive compensation packages >

where to start in order to address the problem

what you need to know when building an employee engagement strategy

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