the next normal: tomorrow's workforce in focus.

The economy may be inching toward a full-scale reopening, but the world of work won’t look the same as before. We are in a constant state of change due to the past year's events. This means adapting to new ways of work, hiring strategies and retention efforts all the while monitoring shifts in regulations and mandates.

There is no going back to normal. Our new normal is the constant adjustment of what's next.

In our latest ebook "the next normal: tomorrow’s workforce in focus," you'll review our findings on key questions to assist in your attraction and retention planning.

  • What does a newly mobile workforce mean for hiring and retention?
  • How is remote work and the increased reliance on technology affecting different generations?
  • Can employers require vaccinations, and if so, how should they handle exemptions?
  • How can employers leverage new workforce management models to attract and retain talent?
  • How did the pandemic change workers' expectations about health and safety, and are those changes permanent?

check out our latest ebook exploring our constant state of change