the randstad 2020 U.S. compensation insights survey results.

the randstad 2020 U.S. compensation insights survey results.

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From gender parity to the influx of younger workers in the workplace, the Randstad 2020 U.S. Compensation Insights survey explores sentiments of 1,213 American workers on today’s style of salary negotiations in the workplace. 

here’s what we learned:

women have made major strides in pay equality, but there is still room for improvement

I would leave my role to find an equivalent position at a different company just to make a salary jump that I won't receive if I stay at my current company.would leave job to find equivalent position for a salary jump unable to get at current company: 66% of all surveyed would leave, 72% of all women, 59% of all men

considering leaving my job because I believe I am underpaid: 46% of all surveyed are considering, 51% of all women surveyed, 41% of all men surveyed
I am considering leaving my job because I believe I am underpaid.

I have never negotiated
my pay.
never negotiated pay: 54% of all surveyed have never; 60% of all women surveyed, 48% of men

additionally, our survey reveals a disconnect between employer wants and employee needs regarding pay transparency 

55% of all surveyed agreed: My company does not publish salary or pay information for each role.

60% of all surveyed agreed: I wish my employer would publish salary or pay ranges of what each role earns across the company.

54% of all surveyed agreed: I am not clear on how pay increases or bonuses are calculated at my company.

younger generations are more likely to “ghost” an employer, and they are also bolder when it comes to salary negotiations than their older colleagues

I've gotten 'cold feet' with a job opportunity in the past, accepting a job offer, only to change my mind and back out at the last minute.

41 percent of all survey pie chart 59% of Gen Z
50% of Millennials
41% of Gen X
35% of Boomers
18% of Traditionalists

I've 'ghosted' an employer for a higher paying job opportunity elsewhere.

33% of all surveyed50% of Gen Z
of Millennials
35% of Gen X
19% of Boomers
9% of Traditionalists 

I have used a potential job offer as leverage to negotiate a higher salary at my current employer.

44 percent of all surveyed58% of Gen Z
59% of Millennials
48% of Gen X
29% of Boomers
24% of Traditionalists

As a negotiation tactic, I've told a prospective employer I had another job offer — when I really didn't.

38 percent of all surveyed 55% of Gen Z
55% of Millennials
39% of Gen X
24% of Boomers
15% of Traditionalists

However, 71% of Gen Z report they become uncomfortable when asked about their salary expectations during a job interview.

compensation remains a key factor in employee retention 
76% of all surveyed employees say their compensation is sufficient to make them stay in their current roles for the next 12 months, down from 83% in 2018.

I expect a pay raise every year in order for me to stay at my current company.expect pay bar graph_

I've only ever gotten a raise if I've asked for one.40% of all surveyed employees

It is important to me that my company awards raises based on an employee's performance, rather than solely increases for cost-of-living or inflation adjustments.79% of all surveyed

*source: Randstad’s 2018 Why Employees Stay or Go survey 
age ranges: 
Gen Z: 18 - 24 years old
Millennials: 25 - 34 years old
Gen X: 35 - 49 years old
Boomers: 50 - 64 years old 
Traditionalists: 65+, retired 

survey methodology
Research findings are based on an OmniPulse survey fielded by national polling firm Dynata on behalf of Randstad US. The survey was fielded from August 26 to September 2, 2019. It included 1,213 employed people between the ages of 18 and 65+ and a nationally representative sample balanced on age, education, gender and region.

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