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There’s a lot of uncertainty in today’s economy, but one thing’s always certain: without competitive compensation, your employees will gladly look elsewhere. For employers, that means the possibility of having to navigate the challenges of today’s marketplace without key team members to rely on. That’s a risk that can be mitigated by offering compensation that aligns with — or even exceeds — the overall market. And that’s precisely why we put our annual salary guide together year after year. 

Here you’ll find accurate, dependable benchmarks you can use to measure your own offerings against those of the broader market. Randstad’s annual salary guide is a trusted source of compensation data for hiring leaders in a variety of industries, and we invite you to review this guide and connect with us to learn how we can help you build a strong team or make your next great hire.

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This guide provides nationwide compensation information and key rates for the most in-demand positions throughout the industries Randstad serves. The data provided is a combination of Randstad’s proprietary intel, paired with data and insights from Emsi, Burning Glass and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Additional insights into job posting volumes and overall demand also come from Burning Glass. 

Data reflected for each industry in this guide is organized by job title and level.* For executive positions (director and above), salaries are listed by company size as determined by revenue. For all other positions, compensation is determined by average years of experience across three different professional levels. Because every organization structures its departments and job titles differently, the categories, roles and functions presented here may not be an exact match to those within your organization.

The roles in this guide are just a sample of the many Randstad supports. For an in-depth look at key positions in your local market, contact a Randstad representative in your area today.

… then go deeper with local data

Once you’ve gotten a handle on the nationwide averages listed in this guide, why not take it a step further and get pay data for roles in your own backyard? Our interactive salary calculator gives you pay data for every position we place — in each market we serve. Whether you’re in a major metro area, a small town or somewhere in between, you’ll find accurate pay info for roles near you.

*The compensation data presented in this guide is based on average wages at the time of publication and may not reflect recent changes in wage laws. Consult your municipal and state wage laws to ensure your compensation offerings are compliant.

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