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what’s the magic number?

That’s what employers are constantly questioning when it comes to appropriate compensation for their employees. What you’re paying your talent makes the single biggest impact on their decision to stay with your organization or look for greener pastures elsewhere. And with unemployment levels at all-time lows and new job growth continuing to boom, skilled professionals have more choices than ever before.

Additionally, Randstad’s research found that salary and benefits were the top factors motivating people to stay with their current employers. Meanwhile, the number one reason for leaving was that compensation was simply too low.

Don’t take that to mean that you can just pay market rate and expect qualified applicants to come to you, though. In an economy this strong, your compensation offerings must differentiate you if you want to hire the best and brightest. But you can’t go above and beyond the market rate if you don’t know what the overall market is offering.

That’s why Randstad’s 2020 Salary Guide provides accurate, dependable benchmarks you can use to measure your own offerings against those of the broader market. Our annual salary guide is a trusted source of compensation data for hiring leaders in virtually every industry, and we invite you to review the guide and connect with us to learn how we can help you build a strong team or make your next great hire.

uncover national wages

This guide provides nationwide compensation information and key rates for the most in-demand positions throughout the industries Randstad serves. The salary information provided is a combination of Randstad’s proprietary intel, paired with data and insights from the Economic Research Institute (ERI), Gartner TalentNeuron™ and other trusted third-party sources.

Data reflected for each industry in this guide is organized by job title and level.* For executive positions (director and above), salaries are listed by company size as determined by revenue. For all other positions, compensation is determined by average years of experience across three different professional levels. Because every organization structures its departments and job titles differently, the categories, roles and functions presented here may not be an exact match to those within your organization.

The roles in this guide are just a sample of the many Randstad provides. For an in-depth look at key positions in your local market, contact a Randstad representative in your area today.

The compensation data presented in this guide is based on average wages at the time of publication and may not reflect recent changes in wage laws. Consult your municipal and state wage laws to ensure your compensation offerings are compliant.

dig deeper with local salaries

When you’re evaluating pay rates, the national averages in this guide are a great place to start. But since wages vary by market, the national average for a given title might be above, or even below, the going rate in your area.

That’s where our interactive, online salary calculator comes in. With countless positions in hundreds of markets around the U.S., our calculator gives you regularly updated salary data for all the positions we place, in each market we serve.

Whether it’s Portland, Oregon, or Portland, Maine, Long Beach or West Palm Beach, we deliver accurate, actionable wage data for your market. See how compensation in your region compares to the national average, so you can attract and retain the talent your business needs to thrive in 2020 and beyond.

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