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what exactly is staffing?

Staffing — it sounds simple, but finding the right person for the right seat for your company is anything but. Done right, staffing means knowing how to find and keep the people you need to drive your business to success.

how staffing affects your business

Maybe you never think about staffing, or maybe it’s top of mind at all times. Either way, let’s see if any of the following pain points rings a bell:

You’re getting more business than you ever hoped for, but you’re struggling to attract and hire the right people to support your growth.

You need to backfill a position, but you can't seem to find any good fits in the thousands of resumes you've received.

You have a hard time getting a read on candidates based on resumes alone, and you wind up wasting time interviewing way too many candidates.

Your employee turnover rate is at an all-time high, and you can’t figure out why.

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