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Talent acquisition means taking a proactive, strategic approach to hiring. Preparing ahead of time allows for a more seamless hiring process and ensures no time is wasted in getting the right candidates. Getting started isn't easy, but you've come to the right place.
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Browse through these common TA pain points and get solutions for the areas where you need help the most.
  • hiring in reactive vs. proactive mode
    • If you regularly find yourself scrambling to find talent due to an unplanned vacancy, then building a proactive talent acquisition strategy could help. Follow these tips so you can better plan ahead and make the hires you need without the rush.

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  • inability to attract talent with the right skills
    • Attracting talent in today's competitive hiring market is harder than ever, so if you're finding that you're just not attracting the right kind of candidates for your business, try implementing these four talent-attraction tactics.

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  • job vacancies remain open for too long
    • When unplanned vacancies arise, you need to act fast. Yet time to hire for many organizations regularly exceeds two to three months. Learn how to act faster, accelerate your hiring cycle and land the talent you need today.

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  • poor or inaccurate employer branding
    • Ninety-four percent of employees said they're likely to apply for an open role at a company that actively manages its employer brand. With competition for talent fiercer than ever, you can't afford to ignore this now-critical component of talent attraction.

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  • limited or no success with job boards
    • Seventy-one percent of job seekers spend time job hunting directly on employer websites, so you'll want to make sure your job posts capture their attention. Start getting more applications from more qualified candidates with these job-post improvement tips.

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  • trouble retaining talent
    • Don't let all the hard work you've done finding great talent go to waste. If your employee retention levels are sinking, follow these steps to avoid incurring the high costs of making endless replacements — and start keeping your people longer.

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  • persistently low employee morale
    • Low levels of employee morale can be a slippery slope for your business. As morale decreases, worker engagement suffers too, which ultimately leads to employee burnout and turnover. If you've started noticing a dip in morale, follow these steps before it gets too far out of hand.

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  • difficulty setting the right pay rate
    • Knowing what to pay isn't always easy, but with competition for talent as fierce as it is today, setting the right pay rate could be the difference between retaining your best employees or losing them to a competitor. Here's how to find the right numbers.

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how to build a talent acquisition strategy

here's how to get started with talent acquisition

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