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Our remote work solutions deliver skilled remote talent and secure virtual environments to help keep your business running — like equipping our full-time and temporary talent with Chromebooks, laptops or virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). That way, your teams can work from home without disruption.

what this means for you

With our work-from-home solutions, you’ll get:


diverse workforce
the ability to tap into a more diverse and engaged workforce
talent work from home
full-time and/or temporary talent fully equipped to work from home
geographical coverage
expanded geographical coverage enabling you to serve more clients around the U.S.
tech infrastructure
advanced tech infrastructure that enables a seamless work-from-home experience
see it in action

see it in action

When one of Chicago's largest financial services companies needed to transition to a work-from-home model, they turned to Randstad. Learn how we equipped and enabled 6,000 customer support agents to work from home in just seven days.

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