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randstad technologies.

Between finding you great tech talent to delivering customized IT solutions, Randstad Technologies has all the tools your company needs to meet tomorrow's business challenges.
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tech 2020

COVID-19 accelerated the need for digital transformation, and Randstad Technologies has the resources, insights and expertise to help your business catch up. View webinars and more that cover the latest developments in IoT, SD-WAN, agile services and more.
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staffing services

Your tech is only as good as the talent behind it. We'll help you find better tech talent faster — and give you the workforce strategies you need to increase performance across your teams, too.

technology roles we fill

We can find tech talent for all the roles below — and so many more. In fact, we're equipped to source candidates for virtually any position or level of experience.

find employees

Ready to start hiring? Our Find Employees search tool makes searching for skilled tech talent easy. With just a couple of clicks you’ll be able to start browsing qualified candidate profiles in seconds.

become a veteran-ready employer

Ninety percent of Veterans seek out Veteran-ready employers, but 73 percent think hiring managers don’t understand their military experience. We can help bridge that gap. Get help with hiring Veterans at our Veteran Center of Excellence.
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technology solutions

From applications, infrastructure and end-user services to embedded engineering solutions, Randstad Technologies can equip you with the digital tools your company needs to succeed today — and in the future.

core competencies

No need is too complex, and no project is too big for Randstad Technologies. From migrations to upgrades to custom dev work and beyond, we have the technology solutions you need. Find out more below.

tech services to help you grow

No need is too complex, and no project is too big for Randstad Technologies. From migrations to upgrades to custom dev work and beyond, we have the technology solutions you need. Find out more below.

see it in action

Our technology solutions are truly best-in-class — and you can see how they delivered real ROI for a variety of customers. Look over these case studies to learn how our solutions moved the needle for customers in a variety of industries.
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frequently asked questions

interested in learning more?

Check out some of the top questions we get asked by companies looking to work with Randstad Technologies.

how large is randstad technologies’ talent network?

We have millions of candidates in our database — literally — and our recruiters are talking to and building relationships with thousands of people who aren’t on job boards every single day. That means we always have qualified candidates on tap for today’s most highly in-demand tech roles, and we can connect candidates with opportunities where they’ll contribute value from day one. And don’t forget that we can source candidates at all levels, including experienced senior leaders capable of executing and managing projects. We’ll ensure that the right people are in the right places, so that you see maximum ROI.

what is randstad technologies’ sourcing process?

We’re technology experts, so we take a data-driven approach to staffing. For example, we're always monitoring metrics like the ratio of interviews to new hires — and we’re committed to continuously making improvements. But our sourcing process truly begins when you meet with our local recruiters in your market. They’ll work with you consultatively to understand your needs and priorities, bringing to the conversation a depth of real-time insights and intelligence on local talent that goes way beyond in-house HR capabilities. No matter what your specific business goals may be, we have the local talent you need you reach them.

how does randstad technologies compare to offshore staffing providers?

There are any number of offshore staffing providers promising bargain-basement hourly or blended rates — and we're simply not interested in competing with them in a race to the bottom. That's not how we operate.

Instead, we operate as a trusted business partner and value-added strategic supplier to leading companies around the world. At our offices around the globe, you'll find local subject matter experts who can successfully manage end-to-end solution delivery, no matter what your needs might be. No offshore staffing provider can say the same.

does randstad technologies sponsor visas for foreign nationals?

We sponsor visas for foreign nationals who are in full compliance with applicable laws and regulations. We also work with a network of over 900 approved and compliant partners.

what can i do to ensure that i'm not falling behind my competitors?

Partnering with Randstad means you’ll be empowered with insights, advice, benchmarks and best practices — giving you a healthy leg up on your competition. The majority of large enterprises today rely on staffing firms to support their evolving talent needs, but Randstad does a whole lot more than just keep you afloat. At the center of all of our engagements is a broader commitment to continual service improvement. So while we develop comprehensive solutions for our clients, we also focus on enhancing their capabilities.

two-tired service model core competencies

won’t working with multiple staffing agencies fill roles faster?

We can see why you might think so, but the simple answer is: no. When multiple vendors are in the mix, you’ll be dealing with multiple delivery timelines, with less visibility into the effectiveness of any given partnership and diminished alignment around your goals.

There are distinct advantages to working with a single staffing partner, on the other hand. For one, you'll be able to create and implement SLAs and KPIs that both parties are accountable for. You’ll benefit from timely reporting on your progress, as well as direct oversight for all initiatives. Plus, a dedicated staffing partner can help you refine your understanding of needs and priorities, while zeroing in on intangibles like personality and workplace culture that make for successful new hires at your company — and that alone can drastically reduce average time-to-fill.

is every randstad technologies candidate screened and vetted?

All candidates provided by Randstad are thoroughly screened and vetted. But it goes way beyond just checking off boxes. In fact, we can completely customize the process, making it faster or slower, more stringent or less — it all depends on your goals. From general background checks to validating credentials and certifications, checking references, testing candidates on specific skill areas, conducting video interviews and more, we've developed proprietary, industry-specific processes to help us screen and vet candidates with specific skill sets. We’ll do the heavy lifting so you don't have to.

what technology-driven changes should i keep my eyes on?

Across all industries, automation is rapidly changing the world of work, including how, where and when work gets done. From robotic process automation (RPA) to artificial intelligence (AI), there are a number of new tech tools out there that can help you standardize and improve processes, increase productivity and generate ROI. Of course, the downside is that investing in these technologies requires considerable capital outlays, including training and implementation costs — all of which entails risk.

Our experts also have a high-level understanding of technology trends impacting your industry. Plus, we can empower your workforce with the latest and most advanced tech tools. So you stand to gain all of the benefits from tech, with none of the associated risk.

how does randstad technologies deliver its services?

The delivery models we offer are as diverse as our clients' needs. Whether that means planning and executing business transformation efforts — including full-lifecycle engagements using waterfall or agile methodologies — leveraging best-in-class delivery centers or deploying teams at worksites around the globe, we have the people, processes, strategies and technologies you need to bring your next big initiative to life.

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why should i work with randstad technologies?

We take a high-tech, high-touch approach so that you can focus on what truly matters: moving your business forward. That means access to today’s top tech talent is only the tip of the iceberg when you partner with Randstad Technologies. Whether we’re solving your day-to-day HR challenges or evolving your enterprise-wide IT roadmap, we’ll develop solutions with your 360° business goals in mind.

what are randstad technologies’ core competencies?

Distributed across four pillars, our two-tiered service models are designed to address not only the pressing business challenges of today, but also those you’ll likely face going forward. That way, you can focus on achieving your goals — and continuing your track record of success.

two-tiered service model of core competencies

what differentiates randstad technologies from the competition?

We have over 20 years of experience building relationships with candidates and delivering best-in-class talent solutions to clients around the world. And because we offer delivery models that are as diverse as our clients’ needs, we can scale and adapt to address virtually any business challenge, big or small. We’re also part of Randstad — the world's largest HR services provider — so we have a massive footprint, including more than 50 offices in key markets around the country. Wherever it is that you’re struggling, our local experts can help. 

what is randstad's position on reshoring?

As the world’s largest staffing provider, we deliver on-demand talent solutions that meet the needs of our clients — wherever they’re located. At the same time, we have a decades-long tradition of investing in U.S. delivery centers, focusing on locations where large talent pools, together with relatively low costs-of-living or market costs, can create value for our clients. And we’re proud to say that these centers can deliver on virtually any requirement or goal — from cost to quality, security, safety, timing and more.

The following are just a few of the talent trends that should be top of mind at your business today.

  • Office culture is increasingly important, especially among younger workers.

  • Offering flexible work schedules — for example, the ability to work remotely a few days a week — can significantly help you attract talent.

  • Variable compensation structures are an increasingly popular lever for attracting talent.

  • Many companies are paying above market rates in order to compete for top talent.

Of course, that’s just the tip of the iceberg — trends change on a daily basis, which is why Randstad's consultative talent experts can make a world of difference. We’ll help position you as an employer of choice and effectively box out your competition.

what are the benefits of permanent placements versus contract-to-hire?

In today’s ultra-competitive talent marketplace, candidate expectations are changing and the pool of qualified contract workers is shrinking. Candidates who might have been attracted to contract-to-hire roles in the past — say, in the aftermath of the 2008 economic downturn — have decamped for cushier perm jobs.

At Randstad, we’re experts at building relationships with "passive" candidates — that is, candidates who are currently employed and might not be actively surfing job boards for their next opportunities. These candidates can be a source of tremendous value for our clients, but they’re likely to balk at anything short of another permanent role.

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