how randstad can help with employee engagement.

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Having a workforce of qualified, top talent isn't enough on its own — you need them to be fully engaged if you want to unlock the transformative, bottom-line boosting potential of a high-performing team. In fact, businesses with high levels of employee engagement are known to have 59 percent less turnover, 20 percent more sales and 17 percent more productivity than businesses with disengaged workforces. Engaged employees not only perform better overall, they stick around longer, too — which is more important than ever in today's highly competitive talent market.

At Randstad, we recognize the importance of a motivated, engaged workforce to the overall health of your organization, and we work tirelessly to deliver the kind of loyal, qualified and engaged candidates you need for a positive work environment. We regularly survey our clients and our talent to keep our finger on the pulse of the talent market and uncover hidden pain points in hiring and in-demand skills. That information helps us place talent faster and enables us to provide timely, informed and consultative guidance to help our clients hire the right talent faster and more effectively.

Here's how we can help by providing you with the right personnel and guidance for improved engagement — and productivity — at your business.

talent and culture fit

While there's much you can do as an employer from a policy standpoint to improve engagement at your organization (and we'll help with that next), finding employees with the right attitude is a critical first step — and where Randstad can have the most immediate impact. The cornerstone of our approach is identifying candidates with the skills and culture fit for success within your business.

When looking to fill a vacant position, you need talent with the right experience to get the job done, but qualifications alone don't tell the whole story. To populate your workforce with engaged, devoted employees, you need to go beyond the resume, and we have extensive experience in assessing these qualities. We'll work together to assess both your business goals and culture to ensure we're matching you with the kind of candidates who have the right personality and attitude you need to build more engaged teams at your workplace.

how to improve engagement

In addition to connecting you with the best-fit candidates for your business, Randstad can also provide resources and guidance on how to create a work environment that's more conducive to employee satisfaction. For instance, our recent research shows that aside from pay, a limited career path is the top reason people leave a job. Fortunately, Randstad's experts can provide guidance on how to properly create career maps for your staff to increase employee engagement. Meanwhile, our comprehensive salary guide can show you what the current competitive rates are for your talent by function, years of experience and location to ensure you're keeping up with competitors, paying your people what they're worth and showing your staff how valued they are.

unmatched speed to hire

In addition to the high costs associated with a prolonged vacancy, leaving a position open for too long can take a serious toll on morale. When an employee leaves, remaining staff must absorb the additional responsibilities to keep your business up and running. The longer a position remains vacant, and the longer your team is forced to shoulder a heavier workload, the more engagement will suffer.

That's why, when you partner with Randstad, you'll not only get top talent — you'll get them fast. We'll staff quickly to prevent lengthy vacancies from forcing your current employees to pick up the slack, overworking themselves and damaging engagement in the process. That means a less stressed staff and more satisfied employees who are ready to focus on the task at hand: driving your business forward.

For more information on how Randstad can help you get the people you need to achieve your business goals—and improve engagement at your workplace — get started below or if you want to learn about Randstad, click here to learn more.

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  • We get it — hiring’s hard. Knowing where to post your job and how to identify top talent is always tough.
  • Plus, moving through the interviewing process to the offer stage can be frustrating and time-consuming for you, your hiring managers, and other stakeholders.
  • Plus, moving through the interviewing process to the offer stage can be frustrating and time-consuming.