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Technology is driving unprecedented change in the workplace today: How, where, when and why we work is rapidly changing. And with technology at the center of so much innovation, demand for IT professionals who can leverage it for competitive advantage, and bring new ideas to life, is only going to intensify.

For some tech specialties, the difference between demand for candidates and their availability is downright scary. For example, roughly 1.5 million new cybersecurity jobs are expected to be created this year alone, yet this is a specialty where unemployment recently touched 0 percent. Not surprisingly, then, Randstad’s Workplace 2025 study found that, across the board, forward-thinking IT leaders believe that “lack of skilled resources" will be the number-one obstacle standing in the way of growth. To overcome these pressing talent pain points, employers will need to stay on top of these and other trends and adjust their hiring strategies accordingly. But for some, that task can be too daunting to undertake alone, and that's when turning to a strategic partner like Randstad Technologies can help. 

In fact, a full 78 percent of IT companies believe it's extremely or very important to do so in order to realize their business goals, according to Randstad's study.

Let's look at some of our core competencies and service areas in greater detail before turning to what differentiates us from our competitors — and how we can help differentiate you from yours.

inside our core service areas

Struggling to source top-notch IT talent? Need a strategic partner to actually do the heavy lifting and execute your next tech initiative? No matter the ask, Randstad Technologies has all of your bases covered. In fact, our core service areas are a major part of what sets us apart from the rest.

At a high level, Randstad Technologies provides four types of services:

  • Application services: From enterprise application development to application monitoring and maintenance, data management, business intelligence and more, we’ll take your application services capabilities to the next level.

  • Infrastructure services: Struggling with complex technology deployments, ongoing upgrades and migrations or inefficient and costly data center operations? Randstad Technologies can solve for these pain points and more, faster than the competition.

  • End-user services: Our end-user services put the focus on your people. By ensuring your team (and clients) get the IT support they need, we’ll improve resolution times and elevate customer satisfaction.

  • Embedded engineering services: You can’t afford to let high-value IT projects fall behind schedule, which is why embedded temporary tech talent offers so much value to our clients. With our highly experienced on-demand resources augmenting your existing teams, you’ll get a leg up on the competition.

Within each of these service areas, moreover, we offer not only a range of solutions — from strategy and architecture to project management outsourcing (PMO) — but also multiple delivery methods, all of which can be completely customized to match the needs of your business.

Our core delivery methods include:

  • Project services: Looking for deep technical expertise, together with end-to-end execution and ownership, customized to your objectives? We take a performance- and outcome-oriented approach at Randstad Technologies, and that means there’s minimal oversight required from you.

  • Staff augmentation: To achieve specialized business needs, you need specialized talent on hand to deliver. No matter how complex or niche your goals may be, backed by our on-demand scalability and agility, low enterprise commitment requirements and flexibility around scheduling and locations, we’ll ensure you reach them.

  • Outsourcing: We bring a commitment to continual service improvement to each engagement, with optimized delivery structures as well as clear scope and accountability. That way, your internal employees can focus on core business services and other value-adding initiatives.

  • Direct hire placement: Ready to enhance your in-house expertise, freeing up additional bandwidth with your existing teams? We’ll help you do that, improving overall team performance while moving the needle on key talent-related metrics like engagement, attrition and more.

Overcoming key talent challenges won't be easy, of course, it’s going to be harder if you go it alone. Randstad Technologies can help.

what makes randstad technologies different?

There’s a reason we’ve maintained a client renewal rate north of 90 percent across all outsourcing engagements. And that starts with our flexibility: We can deliver on any of your immediate talent needs, or we can take the wheel and execute your next ambitious tech project from end to end.

Let’s say, for example, you lack the in-house resources and expertise to implement a key business application. In that case, our application services team can support you in a number of different ways. For one, we can rapidly source the qualified talent you need to successfully implement the project.

But when you partner with Randstad Technologies, the benefits go way beyond access to candidates for hard-to-fill roles. In fact, we can solve for all of your talent-related pain points, whether that means project managing a key initiative, or consulting on strategy, architecture and more for an application implementation — whatever the case may be. And because our delivery models are equally flexible, we can scale and adapt to support virtually any business challenge, big or small.

On top of that, we bring the latest sourcing, screening and hiring technologies, together with our deep domain expertise in IT staffing, to bear on your business challenges. It's a high-tech, high-touch, win-win approach. That way, you can focus on what truly matters: moving your business forward.

Finally, we have over 20 years’ experience building relationships with candidates and delivering best-in-class talent solutions to clients around the world. And as a part of Randstad — the world's largest HR services provider — we have a massive footprint, including more than 50 offices in key markets around the country. Wherever it is you’re struggling, we have local experts standing by to support you.

how we can help

From solving critical talent challenges to evolving enterprise-wide IT roadmaps, introducing benchmarks and KPIs based on industry best practices — and so much more — our collaborative, flexible approach gives us the ability to solve nearly any IT business challenges.

What’s more, our managed resource program (MRP) has a proven track record of success, not only enabling clients to transition to new technologies but rapidly enhancing their core tech capabilities. So whatever your specific needs may be — staff augmentation, permanent placement, outsourcing, project support and more — we offer a variety of different service models to deliver on them.

more than just technologies 

Randstad is equipped to address your staffing needs in more ways than just filling technology positions.

Say you came to us to hire a software developer or a UX designer for a new application. After that's done and the product is launched, partner with Randstad's experts in office and administration to get customer service personnel who can field questions from your users and troubleshoot issues they may be having. Finally, bring it all together by working with our specialists in human resources to get the skilled HR talent you need to keep your newly constructed workforce intact long term. Because we will have already built a working relationship, our recruiters will be able to use the insight they've gleaned into your organizational structure and culture to find you better-fit candidates, faster. 

In the end, whatever your staffing needs may be, Randstad has the expertise needed to address them thanks to our many different areas of specialization and alignment across industries. 

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