Finding the right people for your team in the legal field can be tough — beyond specialized skills, a successful candidate needs to have the right personality to thrive in your office. Randstad’s legal recruiting teams — primarily comprising lawyers, paralegals and litigation-support professionals — bring their nuanced understanding of the legal field to source best-fit candidates with specialized skills and knowledge to address your company’s biggest challenges. Backed by the world's largest provider of staffing services, Randstad has unmatched scale and resources, so we can deliver solutions, no matter how complex or niche your needs may be.

Ready to learn how a partnership with Randstad can move your business forward? A look at our core service areas and differentiating factors can show you how it can do just that.

inside our core service areas

With our large network of talent available on demand, Randstad can source and deliver temporary and direct-hire candidates for virtually any legal specialty or role — from compliance issues to insurance claims, document reviews, litigation and everything in between. Our far-reaching talent base is ready to ease your workload and provide support for any case or investigation.

When you partner with Randstad, you'll get:  

  • Screened and vetted candidates: We're highly selective about talent, so we won’t introduce candidates unless they have the knowledge and experience to add immediate value to your organization.

  • Flexible staffing options: We recognize the growing need for on-demand legal professionals who can step in and provide immediate support, so we can place legal talent at your worksite — or even arrange for office space nearby. Plus, we have the ability to provide a wide range of supervisory services, along with operational guidance and support, to ensure the success of our clients' projects.

  • E-discovery expertise: E-discovery is essential for successful litigation, but it's also incredibly resource intensive. But Randstad can help — in fact, we've built a large network of experienced attorneys who are experts at identifying, collecting and producing electronic information.

With our large network of nationwide talent, we can source for nearly every role. Positions we commonly staff include:

  • attorneys (all levels and specialization)

  • attorney document reviewers

  • case clerks

  • general counsels

  • legal administrative assistants/secretaries

  • legal marketing resources professionals

  • legal human resources professionals

  • litigation support professionals

  • paralegals

  • and more

what makes randstad different?

Demand for skilled legal professionals is high and expected to only increase going forward. For example, job opportunities for lawyers are projected to grow eight percent by 2026, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). 

In such a competitive environment, having the legal specialists you need on hand — and ready to deliver value right away — can be the difference between thriving and falling behind. That’s why forward-thinking companies rely on Randstad. We'll work with you consultatively to build out processes that make sense for you along with insights on the tech and trends impacting your field. Keeping up with these and other trends, and adjusting your hiring strategy accordingly, is key to staying competitive for the market's most sought-after candidates. And that's especially important for legal talent, where availability and compensation can be highly variable from one state to the next. With top talent vanishing from the job market in as few as 10 days, there isn't time to waste.

more than just legal staffing

Legal teams are key components of organizations across all industries, so our partnership with you doesn’t have to end after finding legal talent for your workplace. We'll be able to address your staffing needs in other areas, too — no matter the industry you're in or the skill sets you're looking to fill. Our other areas of staffing expertise include:

Our recruiters will have an in-depth understanding of your organizational structure and culture on day one since we'll have already worked together to find you legal talent. That means we'll be able to send you better-fit candidates, faster, for the new positions you're looking to fill. We have recruiters specializing in virtually all fields and functions, so wherever you end up needing support, know that Randstad has the resources to help. 

ready to learn more?

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