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Have you ever interviewed an excellent candidate for a full-time role, but waited to extend an offer because you were still conducting other final-round interviews? And is it possible you lost that excellent individual because another company moved faster? 

If so, you're not alone. In today's tight talent market, top talent is rarely on the market for long, and many companies have felt the pain of losing a great candidate to a more nimble competitor. Perhaps even worse than losing that candidate is the time and money you'll have to spend starting from scratch on a new search. 

And the reality is that the competitive hiring market shows no signs of slowing. In fact, U.S. job growth remains strong, with employers continuing to hire and wages beginning to rise. And the U.S. Department of Labor has announced that the U.S. has more open jobs than job seekers, something that's never happened since the department started tracking job openings in 2000.

So you need a smart, actionable talent acquisition strategy to attract — and secure — the talent you need to move your company forward. If your current hiring process is too lengthy or simply not producing the results you want, Randstad can help you create a talent acquisition strategy designed to find great candidates faster and reduce your time to hire. Here are just some of the ways we can help. 

leveraging temporary talent

Companies of all sizes are on the lookout for temporary teams, whether the hiring manager requires support during a peak work cycle, needs to cover a current employee’s absence or is strategically in favor of a more flexible option when the long-term necessity of a position is unclear.

The nation’s ongoing low unemployment rate intensifies the need for temporary help as more people join the workforce, leaving employers to compete for permanent hires within a shrinking pool of talent. This means that when managers need a swift solution to workload issues, it may take too long — or simply be too late — to make a full-time hire.

That's why, when you need to solve a specific workforce problem or bridge a gap, Randstad can help you implement a temporary-employee strategy.

By working together to create a temporary-employee strategy customized for your business, we can make an impact on issues that matter, like:

  • relieving existing staff from being overburdened or burning out
  • executing specialized work that existing staff is not qualified to perform
  • meeting important project deadlines
  • handling peak and higher-than-average production or business demands

Regardless of the reason to use a temporary team, the process of recruiting, vetting and interviewing qualified candidates is time consuming. Even though a temporary hire presumably isn't joining the organization for the long-term, you still want to make sure that person is the best fit possible. A well-qualified contractor who doesn’t require extensive training or oversight can be a great addition when you have a pressing need for help. On the other hand, bringing on someone whose skill set doesn't perfectly align with the role — and who requires extensive hand-holding to get up to speed — can chew up valuable time and be more of a hindrance than a help.

That's why Randstad delivers only thoroughly vetted, qualified temporary talent — regardless of the role — to help you make the right hire in minimal time.  

tapping into passive job seekers

If very few qualified candidates apply for your open positions, it’s likely they're employed elsewhere and aren’t actively job hunting. But that doesn’t mean passive job seekers won’t entertain new opportunities, especially if your competitive offer is backed by a strong brand and attractive company culture.

Randstad's decades of expertise and commitment to building relationships with our talent help us tap a nationwide network of passive job seekers. And when we need to go outside that network, our skilled recruiters can find passive job seekers via social media, online review sites, professional organizations and community events. This can be an exceptionally effective approach when you're looking for candidates who have in-demand or hard-to-find skills and experience. 

using the latest technology

We take advantage of tech-enabled tools to expedite the process of sourcing, pre-screening, assessing and interviewing candidates. Time-pressed candidates tend to favor companies that make it easy for them to apply from any device. They're also more likely to stay engaged if they receive hiring updates throughout the process, so we're proactive with communication.

We leverage technologies like video interviewing as part of our strategy to connect with passive candidates. Video interviews allow a candidate to connect from a convenient location without having to leave work.  Randstad's video interviewing solution even allows you to view candidates' recorded answers to pre-determined questions, eliminating the need to schedule interviews altogether! You can share clips with your hiring managers and other stakeholders so they can evaluate candidates when their schedules allow. By making the interview process easier for both candidates and stakeholders, you can accelerate the hiring process even more.

partnering for success

Randstad adds expertise and efficiency, both of which can dramatically improve the overall hiring process from end to end — and ultimately result in better, faster hiring. Our tech-and-touch approach incorporates innovative tools to efficiently find and connect you with qualified talent to meet your needs. Our teams thoroughly vet all candidates, so you know the individuals we present are truly your best-fit options.

If you prefer, we can even arrange for you to interview multiple top candidates as part of an intensive, one-day session. By speaking with several candidates consecutively, you can make more accurate comparisons based on fresh impressions. This shorter interview cycle is a true time-saver, enabling you to rapidly generate offers that result in great full-time hires.

Get started below to find out how we can help you successfully recruit and build your full-time or temporary team today or if you want to learn more about Randstad, click here.

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  • We get it — hiring’s hard. Knowing where to post your job and how to identify top talent is always tough.
  • Plus, moving through the interviewing process to the offer stage can be frustrating and time-consuming for you, your hiring managers, and other stakeholders.
  • Plus, moving through the interviewing process to the offer stage can be frustrating and time-consuming.