elevated temperature screening and mask detection solutions from randstad.

new solutions for the new normal

Is managing your organization’s COVID-19 reopening strategy top of mind? It is for a lot of business leaders right now. But with increasing health, safety and compliance requirements, as well as new legislation on the dockets in many states, the real question isn't when businesses can reopen — it's how.

Fortunately, Randstad has answers to support business continuity in the new normal.

a technology-agnostic approach

Recognizing the need for touchless solutions at scale to facilitate safe working environments, we've built partnerships with innovative, industry-leading health and safety tech providers. As a result, we’re offering our clients a technology-agnostic approach — one that starts by understanding your unique requirements, then maps to the right solution from there:

Elevated Temperature Screening Solutions temparature scanner

Enable real-time screening across multiple employee/visitor entry and exit points, assembly points and more.

Innovative Mask-Detection Technology person wearing facemask

Ensure compliance with mask-wearing protocols — and get alerts and updates in real time.

Touch Free Devices and Monitoring Systems a pointing finger

Best-in-class devices allow contactless time entry and building access, eliminating potential contamination.

The result? Rapid and consistent delivery, together with a scalable and flexible model, which comes with flexible costs to match. It's an approach built on vast experience — deploying millions of devices and systems, and conducting more than 20,000 site visits annually with employers to provide point-of-entry security, point of sale, digital display systems and more — with a proven track record of success.

key benefits of randstad's solutions

Backed by best-in-class technology solutions and Randstad's unrivaled rapid deployment capabilities, you'll be able to:

Safety validation magnify

support the health of both your employees and your visitors — and validate the enhanced safety of your workplace environment

Touch-free workplace social distancing

provide a "no-touch" work environment, with elevated temperature screening solutions, mask detection devices, access systems — and more

Compliance tracking compliance tracking

actively track compliance with real-time monitoring and alerts — while mitigating a broad range of health, safety and compliance risks

Risk mitigation risk mitigation

incorporate technology as a risk control, which reduces risk exposure while increasing reliability and capacity

Benefits like these can be the difference between COVID-19 reopening strategies that are successful, and those that are not. If your organization employs essential workers who have continued working during the global pandemic, these benefits will make a world of difference as well.

case study our solutions in action

A large coffee and beverage company wanted to enable contact-less time entry across its facilities, but realized its IT team simply didn't have the resources to rapidly deploy across 150 locations on a tight timeline. The concerned client turned to Randstad for support.

Our solution? Assemble a dedicated project management team. Implement strict risk-mitigation protocols. Ramp up. Deliver at scale.

All told, we successfully deployed 300-plus no-touch time clocks at 150 locations on a tight, eight-week schedule — with results that speak for themselves, including:

  • delivering no-touch solutions for employees at scale — employees now log in and out of shifts with zero contact through a shared network device, for example
  • minimizing downtime throughout the engagement, which in turn maximized health and safety benefits for the client

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