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Even before COVID-19, the need for digital transformation was already understood — but it's never been more important to fully realize than now. Harnessing elements like IoT, SD-WAN and agile services will help keep your company ahead of this curve.

addressing IoT challenges through DevSecOps

Looking to deploy IoT throughout your organization? You're not alone — but you may also make some common mistakes along the way. In our latest white paper, you'll find ways to overcome common challenges and tips to make your IoT implementation a success.

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internet of things (IoT)

The greater the connectivity, the greater the productivity, but with so many platforms to intertwine, you want to make sure your business's setup is optimal. The seemingly endless permutations can appear daunting, but working with an experienced partner like Randstad can help you get the most out of your configuration. Read on for more IoT resources and learn more about how we've helped companies in the past succeed, or get in touch to connect directly with our experts.

  the IoT solutions you need

Randstad Technologies can help you address even your most complex IoT challenges. Learn more about our approach and all the ways we can deliver value for your business.
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case study: food processing giant upgrades nationwide network to accommodate IoT

Outdated network equipment was hampering this client's plans to build the "plant of the future." See the difference Randstad made after coming on board.
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IT network

case study: auto connectivity solution for automotive supplier

See what happened when Randstad Technologies was brought on to help a leading car manufacturer release a complex connected-car system.
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case study: web and mobile development for U.S. transportation distribution company

This client was looking to develop a customer-facing, web-based portal for shipment status updates. See how Randstad Technologies helped.
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webinar: IoT: our favorite technology

If mastering the Internet of Things is your thing, then this webinar is for you. In this session, we'll dig deeper and explore solutions to help you more effectively capture data, monitor devices and automate reporting for maximum benefit.
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webinar series

From all-encompassing digital transformation to deep-dives into complex solutions, our technology webinar series has all the tools and tips you need to achieve digital success.

digital transformation: then, now and moving forward

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achieve master status with agile services

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embrace opportunity: SD-WAN

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IoT: our favorite technology acronym

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digital transformation

Embracing technology was already key for business survival. However, it's even more important in our new normal. Leading a full-scale digital transformation is complex, and having an informed partner by your side to provide guidance and support can help ensure that transformation is a success. Click below for resources to help you in your digital transformation and discover ways Randstad Technologies can help companies just like yours achieve their digital transformation goals.

webinar: digital transformation: then, now and moving forward

Get digital transformation tips from those who've done it before. In this webinar, see what lessons industry leaders have learned from their own successful transformations, and how COVID-19 has been impacting technology decision-making today.
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quiz: how digital is your enterprise?

Assess your level of digital readiness and see where your organization stands with this quick online quiz.
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  workplace 2025

Shape your digital transformation to align with the workplace of the future. Visit our Workplace 2025 page to see what to expect in the years ahead.
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white paper: hiring and developing digital leaders

Pioneering the digital frontier will require leaders who possess specific digital skills and competencies to go along with traditional leadership traits. Learn how to hire and develop digital leaders for your business in this white paper.
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agile services

The upside and ROI are clear: leading an agile transformation across your organization can help you innovate faster, build more quickly and implement more structure and accountability. But how do you realize all that successfully? A partner like Randstad Technologies can help you achieve the dexterity you need to succeed in today's rapidly changing world. Read on to learn more about our agile approach and how we've helped companies in the past, or connect with our experts to take the next step in your agile journey.

  your partner for all things agile

Agile transformation, training, engineering solutions and more — see all the ways that Randstad Technologies can help you achieve your agile goals.
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webinar: achieve master status with agile services

What approach should you take to perfecting your agile strategy? The answers await in our latest webinar, where we'll explore agile solutions in greater detail to help you along your journey.
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case study: agility governance for fortune 500 home loan mortgage corporation

In the midst of a complex, multiyear transformational change to implement Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®) 4.6 the client turned to Randstad Technologies for help. See what happened when we came on board.
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case study: agile scrum teams for fintech company

What do you do when your growth outpaces your ability to hire and train talent? See how Randstad Technologies recruited, hired and onboarded full scrum teams for this rapidly growing company.
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case study: PMO assessment and managed services for the nation's largest pharmacy chain

Inconsistent PMO processes as a result of a recent merger were creating challenges for the client. Learn more about how Randstad righted the ship here.
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Implementing an SD-WAN solution is an integral part of digital transformation for future-focused companies, and working with an experienced partner like Randstad Technologies can help ensure accurate, long-lasting results. Click below to learn more about SD-WAN implementations, and see examples of how we've helped other companies in the past succeed with similar engagements.

  exclusive SD-WAN solutions

End-to-end SD-WAN design and implementation solutions you won't find anywhere else. Learn more about how we work and the advantages gained by partnering with us.
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case study: IT deployment services for pharmaceutical and supplies distributor

A lack of standardization across sites’ WAN connectivity was causing IT support challenges for this client. See how Randstad Technologies solved the problem and delivered results.
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webinar: embrace opportunity: SD-WAN

In this webinar, we'll walk you through the full suite of capabilities needed to survey, design and implement an SD-WAN solution so you can improve network performance, monitoring, automation and control.
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case study: network architecture and engineering for government contractor

Randstad Technologies was engaged to help a recently divested, $1B defense firm build new infrastructure from data center to branch. See how we led the project successfully from beginning to end.
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