what we know now: the state of digital transformation today.

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The events of 2020 had a seismic impact on businesses in all industries, changing everything from where we work to how we work to how we think about health and safety. Businesses initially scrambled to accelerate digital transformation in the race to support remote work, implementing new tech on the fly and adapting far faster than they ever had before. Now that the dust has settled somewhat, Randstad learned that a majority of digital investments, like IoT, SD-WAN, agile and more, actually paid off.

But don't take it from us. We surveyed C-suite members and technology decision-makers across the U.S. to learn:

  • the real reasons COVID-19 accelerated digital transformation
  • where and how organizations today are balancing and prioritizing tech investments and talent objectives
  • why massive remote work ups the ante when it comes to digital capabilities, and why having the latest tech is now table stakes

Get your copy of the report to learn where your peers are finding significant ROI, how strategic priorities have shifted and how they're pivoting for the future. Click the button below to download your copy today.

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