infographic: the root of the skills gap.

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if you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem

With the Great Recession of late 2007 now written in the history books, there’s still a contemporary buzz that supports the notion that there are “no jobs out there.”

but what if there are?

What if what’s missing are skilled workers to fill them? And, what if the very thing to help us take a step towards a solution is additional education? How would people becoming more qualified in the right areas where there are true employment gaps affect the unemployment rate, the skills deficiency and the economy?

The root of the skills gap is just that—there are too many jobs that are going unfilled for which the unemployed are ill-prepared or inadequately trained for.

Historically, the skills gap has primarily been contained to the fields of information technologyengineering and healthcare; but recently, it has spread to include those skilled trades that fall under manufacturing and logistics, even finance and accounting.

There is a huge opportunity for businesses, schools and job seekers alike to change the course we are headed in as a nation. The time is now, and it starts with awareness.



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