The chemical sector hasn’t escaped the effects of the digital revolution. To succeed in this new environment, you need specialized talent across every aspect of your business, from manufacturing to quality control. Our strategic, proprietary approach to staffing ensures you get the talent you need to scale while maintaining the same high standard of quality.

As a leader in life-sciences staffing, we’ve developed a precise formula for connecting qualified job seekers looking to apply their skills with the companies that need them. We leverage our proven approach for hiring success in the positions that impact you most:

  • analytical chemist
  • applications engineer
  • biochemical engineer
  • chemical engineer
  • compounder
  • formulator
  • ISO auditor
  • laboratory manager
  • laboratory technician
  • materials engineer
  • metallurgist
  • plant manager
  • process engineer
  • product development chemist
  • product development scientist
  • quality control engineer
  • research assistant
  • research scientist

Attracting, hiring and retaining top talent in today’s marketplace has never been harder. Qualified candidates have more employment options than ever before, and that means you need to leverage every possible asset to secure the talent you need to stay competitive. Randstad Life Sciences' vast, pre-qualified talent pool and high-tech staffing solutions ensure you get the right hires at the right time. We'll partner with your organization to identify and recruit the best talent with the expertise and skills you need — no matter how specific your requirements may be or how hard the right hire is to find. Our focus is on you and your business needs.

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