how does randstad life sciences differ from a traditional contract research organization (CRO)?

how does randstad life sciences differ from a traditional contract research organization (CRO)?

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When it comes to outsourcing aspects of your clinical trials, you need a partner who understands the complexities of managing a clinical trial and has the talent you need to make it successful. Many organizations are accustomed to turning to CROs to staff and support their trials, but CROs aren't the only option. In fact, more and more companies are beginning to turn away from the traditional restrictions of CROs in order to embrace a leaner, more cost-effective Functional Service Provider (FSP) model.

At Randstad Life Sciences, we employ that very approach to deliver all the services a CRO provides but with greater flexibility and fewer fixed costs. Our outsourcing team is made up of more than 250 full-time and flex or project-based staff members across the United States, Canada and Europe. Read on for some of the reasons why engaging our vast network of talent on your next project could benefit your business.

less wasted time on turnover

The high demand for clinical research associates (CRAs) and the fast pace of business requires CROs to reallocate resources to other clients as quickly as possible. That means that when a trial runs its course, the CRAs move on and are usually lost for good. What happens when you're ready for another project? You’re forced to get new CRAs up to speed and familiar with your operations and processes. That’s wasted time and money you'll have to spend on onboarding that could have been better allocated elsewhere.

With Randstad Life Sciences’ model, on the other hand, that’s no longer the case. Sponsor organizations are able to retain the people who know their processes and culture for the long term — translating to increased productivity and quality.

This dedicated, regionally based approach to placing talent at a client’s site helps reduce burnout — which leads to lower turnover — as CRAs are no longer forced to spread themselves thin and travel between disparate client locations. Having dedicated monitors onsite can boost performance and lower personnel costs, and team members are given the time they need to acclimate themselves to your organization and its processes.

solutions tailored to you

Our talent solutions are more flexible and easier to scale than those offered by traditional CROs. By delivering highly skilled candidates to your site on a contract basis, you’ll never find yourself with too many people and too few projects. We closely analyze your needs and deliver the resources required to meet demand — even when it fluctuates.

Smaller companies, in particular, can benefit from the increased agility of our FSP model. Smaller companies sometimes encounter difficulties securing contracts with large CROs, as CROs typically prioritize partnerships with larger organizations over smaller ones. On the other hand, working with an FSP offers the opportunity to recruit skilled, multi-functional staff without the added risk of having to outsource entire studies or commit to the fixed costs of full-time hires.

Randstad Life Sciences is deeply experienced in outsourcing talent for the following functions:

  • biometrics

  • clinical trial management

  • clinical site monitoring

  • medical writing

  • pharmacovigilance

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