where does randstad life sciences get its talent?

where does randstad life sciences get its talent?

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At Randstad, we know that companies in the life sciences industry often have complex talent needs. Companies in this space require highly skilled, specialized professionals in order to be successful. And as the life sciences space grows, competition for this talent is becoming increasingly fierce. Fortunately, we have a robust network of trusted, tested and thoroughly vetted industry veterans on hand to fill any talent need — no matter how niche.

how we deliver trusted talent today

Some staffing companies take a quick and easy approach to finding talent. They post ads on job boards and then shovel a stack of resumes into their clients' inboxes. But at Randstad Life Sciences, we know that "quick and easy" rarely translate to high quality candidates and on-the-job success. That's why we rely on our deep bench of in-network talent — professionals who have worked successfully and repeatedly with top companies in the industry, and who in turn provide referrals from their own networks.

We believe that talented, successful people tend to associate with other talented, successful people — and we've seen the proof. They also know the emphasis that Randstad places on quality placements and workplace compatibility. Plus, all candidates are rigorously vetted before being added to our growing network.

our three-step vetting process

Your talent needs are unique, and so are your company's culture and values. To make sure we deliver talent that's right for you, we go beyond the resume and evaluate our candidates on a variety of "intangibles" that create a perfect placement:

  • skill fit: does the candidate have the skills and experience needed to do the job?
  • boss fit: is the candidate a good fit for the manager's personality, preferences and working style?
  • culture fit: do the candidate's values and perspectives align with those of the company?

This vetting process includes background screenings, several rounds of in-person or video interviews and thorough reference and referral checks before a candidate's resume is brought to the hiring manager.

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