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MDM drives results for global restaurant chain. May 13, 2019 11:09:59 AM 2019-05-13 15:09:59


A leading global food service retailer's data collection and analysis platforms varied across their 35,000 locations. They were having difficulty structuring and consolidating these disparate data streams and offering market owners the tools to improve their operations while bridging a variety of cultural and language differences. Additionally, data security had potentially severe legal ramifications for the company. 


Randstad Technologies helped build and deploy a master data management (MDM) system to function as a data dictionary, consolidate and combine like data elements and serve as both a data repository and clearinghouse. The scope of work included a group of toolsets that would allow individual restaurants to acquire the information they needed to evaluate and improve operations. 


The client leaned on Randstad Technologies for our deep domain expertise in IT staffing as well as our global talent network to secure qualified SQL server developers who specialized in MDM. This dynamic and skilled project team helped:

  • unify data collection and assessment processes on a global scale throughout the U.S., Canada and select countries in Europe and Asia — with more markets and countries scheduled to come
  • increase store sales and lower costs for market owners by implementing a new suite of custom-built toolsets that enable them to access key information
  • improve ease of use for store managers by creating a user interface that allowed subscribers to author their own data to fit the needs of their locations 

The project team continues to be on target with all deliverables, and the initial success of the system has led to its subsequent adoption across multiple markets. 

modernizing web strategy improves customer satisfaction for Acme Truck Line. May 13, 2019 11:10:06 AM 2019-05-13 15:10:06


The client, Acme Truck Line, is a leader in the transportation of equipment, materials and supplies throughout the U.S. However, while the client depended on effective communication and information-sharing to be successful, its approach to web-based communications to truckers and customers had become outdated — so much so that it risked compromising their competitive edge. In the wake of a failed partnership with another web development firm, Acme turned to Randstad Technologies for help designing and implementing the solutions they needed. 


Randstad Technologies applied proven software development best practices to ensure deliverables met critical benchmarks for functionality, quality, timeliness and budget. This included six distinct steps: 

  • conducting onsite discovery workshops to gather input and requirements from key stakeholders
  • identifying and developing detailed target audience personas to ensure users receive relevant information matching their needs, interests or roles
  • developing sitemaps and wireframes to serve as blueprints for design
  • presenting user interface design, including a landing page and interior page, portraying the final product’s look and feel
  • creating additional site pages and functionality prior to starting development and testing
  • obtaining client acceptance prior to going live


Acme Truck Line engaged Randstad Technologies to apply this approach to three critical web development projects, with the goal of upgrading their technology to better support truckers and customers alike.

customer logistics portal

  • The portal allows Acme customers to access real-time information on the location and status of their loads via a web-based shipment tracking system built on Microsoft’s MVC.NET framework.   
  • The portal reduced call center support costs by eliminating the need for customers to call in for status updates. The system utilizes modern web standards such as responsive design through CSS3 and HTML5.
  • The application also boasts a robust API that allows users to connect on the go from both Apple iPhone and Android devices.                                           

  • The newly created external-facing application leverages a responsive and adaptive design, providing truck drivers and customers with a tailored view of all upcoming compliance and maintenance requirements as well as historical financial data.  
  • The portal provides an enhanced document repository containing customer requirements, safety specs and benefits. The information can now be easily viewed on a mobile device.  
  • The .NET framework provides Acme a flexible and scalable framework that they can continue to build on in order to meet their evolving needs.

Acme Truck Line corporate website

  • Randstad Technologies created a new site based on the WordPress platform to showcase the company’s capabilities.
  • The new site has a consistent look, renders accurately from mobile devices and offers access to a content management system, allowing for easy graphical and content updates.
  • Collaboration between Randstad Technologies and Acme ensured that the most advanced, web-based technologies were leveraged to attain critical business objectives.
  • By delivering customized, time-sensitive information to truckers and customers through an easy-to-access, user-friendly design, the client not only improved operational effectiveness but enhanced service quality to truckers and customers. 

global food processing giant gains operational improvements from network refresh. May 13, 2019 11:10:10 AM 2019-05-13 15:10:10


This $15 billion global food giant faced numerous problems as a result of aging and outdated network equipment, causing frustration and inefficiencies throughout its plant and distribution facilities. Specifically, operations were crippled due to poor Wi-Fi signal strength between the company’s voice-directed picking application and its warehouse management system, resulting in decreased overall productivity and efficiency.

Hoping to better leverage wireless access and deploy new technologies, the client decided to upgrade wireless and local area networks at 70 North American plants and distribution facilities, with a planned two-and-a-half-year roll out. And to kick things off, the client wanted to start with a three-site pilot project, with the goal of little or no production downtime.


The company selected Randstad Technologies for its WAN/LAN upgrade based on our extensive deployment experience, quality focus, innovative approach and structured — yet scalable — delivery model.

Randstad Technologies took an integrated approach to address the client's need. Key features of our solution included:

  • a proprietary, tablet-based Android application to automate inventorying and documentation of existing equipment and display floor-plan schematics for all redesigned networks
  • a post-installation survey, using the app to display new equipment and cabling configurations, as well as test wireless coverage during project completion
  • staging, kitting and configuring new equipment, conducted at Randstad Technologies’ Frisco, TX facility
  • installation of new equipment and cabling, management of site cutover, re-IPing and testing of all equipment and decommissioning of all unused equipment and cabling

Randstad Technologies offered the client complete transparency and robust communication throughout the engagement, including project details and progress updates through our project management portal.


With work on the three pilot projects completed, Randstad Technologies was directed to upgrade all of the 70 planned sites. After implementing a faster, more stable and secure network, the client achieved a range of benefits, including:

  • improved speed, reliability and security across all facilities, leading to greater employee productivity
  • a network that can easily accommodate growth and expansion as demands on the network increase
  • a more secure and safe infrastructure, reducing the risk of intrusion or corruption
  • reduced time required to conduct site surveys, alongside lower overall project costs, through the development of a proprietary survey app  

Throughout the project, Randstad Technologies leveraged its formal continual service improvement (CSI) program to ensure work proceeded quickly and effectively. The integrated solution has strategically positioned the client to take advantage of additional opportunities, including the acquisition of new technologies that build on its new growth capabilities.


confronting a business crisis, flexible delivery saves the day. May 13, 2019 11:14:51 AM 2019-05-13 15:14:51


The client, a leading pharmacy benefits management company, faced a crisis: Not only had their recent Microsoft migration exceeded budget, but the effort itself had ultimately proven unsuccessful. As such, the organization was saddled with a resource-intensive solution that neither delivered value nor met budgetary restraints. Clearly, a change was in order.


The client turned to Randstad Technologies for support. Our solution, which carefully balanced and prioritized technical and talent-related needs, comprised four essential parts:

  • sourcing and managing a team of qualified experts to oversee the client’s service desk and provide Level 1 and 2 troubleshooting
  • pre-configuring new Windows 7 OS systems, including staging, kitting and delivering computers to the client's site
  • providing a team to augment core technical capabilities related to application compatibility testing, system center computer management (SCCM) and Windows 7
  • carrying out software installations, user data migrations, complex application configurations, installations and more


We solved for immediate business challenges while creating mechanisms to adjust resource levels as in-house skills and capabilities evolved. High-level standouts from our engagement included:

  • migrating all systems on schedule and budget while successfully automating deployment
  • rapidly deploying a flexible delivery team capable of expanding or contracting based on the client’s needs
  • re-engineering processes to enable highly skilled technicians to focus on higher-risk, higher-touch areas — and therefore deliver more value to the business

safety collision system challenges solved — under budget and ahead of schedule. May 13, 2019 11:54:51 AM 2019-05-13 15:54:51


Our client, the aerospace arm of a diversified technology manufacturer, lacked the necessary bandwidth to conduct script testing for their traffic alert collision avoidance system (TCAS). This was a particularly urgent business concern for the client because their delivery deadline was fast approaching. With safety and bottom-line performance both in jeopardy, the client turned to Randstad Engineering Solutions as a trusted strategic partner.


Randstad Engineering Solutions immediately got to work developing a best-in-class solution to address all of the client’s critical pain points. Specifically, our solution included:

  • deploying a dedicated project manager as well as engineering teams onsite to ensure successful execution
  • project performance tracking using earned value measurements
  • designing a customized API to expedite and improve the development of test scripts


Our solutions led to immediate progress and measurable outcomes — so much so, in fact, that the initial project scope was quickly expanded. Key highlights of the overall engagement included:

  • successfully completing the project — while also expanding its scope, based on the client’s needs — under budget and ahead of schedule
  • curbing execution time by as much as 90 percent through the introduction of automated test procedures
  • reduced debug time by more than 50 percent with the development of an automated tool to allow for configurable tests in batch mode
  • established ability to debug and execute scripts remotely
  • created efficiencies by working directly with test equipment manufacturer

rapid outsourcing of data center management for a global financial services giant. May 13, 2019 11:55:51 AM 2019-05-13 15:55:51


The client, one of America’s oldest financial institutions, was struggling to manage a mix of internal and external vendors across 11 geographically distributed Tier 3 and 4 data centers. Key obstacles included:

  • an inability to focus on core business areas due to the burden of installing, replacing and decommissioning servers at multiple state-of-the-art facilities
  • chronic issues with turnover and understaffing

Faced with these and other pressing business challenges, the client sought a strategic partner for support — and our demonstrated expertise converting external employees and vendors to employees and subcontractors made all the difference.


The client conducted an extensive vetting process, ultimately selecting Randstad Technologies based on the strength of our solution. The solution focused on several areas for improvement, namely:

  • increasing visibility into costs by creating a highly structured work-authorization process that documented authorization for work beyond the scope of the managed services contract and distinguished between hourly billed and fixed-fee managed services
  • bolstering communication processes — for instance, by standardizing weekly calls between our delivery director and individual site managers, which helped disseminate best practices and ensure knowledge sharing
  • introducing skills-proficiency matrices to assess job requirements, and developing comprehensive performance plans for skills gaps


Randstad Technologies not only assumed full-scope responsibility for managing the client’s 11 world-class data centers, but in so doing engineered major improvements to them, including:

  • comprehensively transitioning large-scale client-side resources — including 24 full-time employees, 18 subcontractors, five vendors and around 100 hourly staff-augmentation contractors — to new roles as managed services employees and subcontractors at Randstad Technologies within a single month
  • creating robust service-level measurements and performance metrics, ensuring continual tracking of service level attainment to grade performance
  • developing a closed-loop change-control compliance process, which enabled the client to more effectively measure the adoption of key new policies and procedures
  • standardizing communications between data centers
  • reducing unnecessary overtime costs and curbing turnover, which translated to clear value on the client’s balance sheet

Today, the client leverages Randstad Technologies’ recruiting capabilities for access to quality talent on an ad hoc basic in order to complete incremental project work. With very little advance notice, we're able to flex and scale to meet the client’s needs — so we can be every bit as agile as your next opportunity or challenge, too.

24/7 coverage leads to reduced costs — with far greater flexibility. May 13, 2019 12:15:02 PM 2019-05-13 16:15:02


The client, a professional sports entertainment organization, had been running their internal desktop support and service desk team from three separate locations. As a result, they lacked reporting processes to diagnose service issues, which decreased efficiency and hurt overall service levels. Faced with these challenges, the client turned to Randstad Technologies for support.


Randstad Technologies worked consultatively with the client to understand needs and develop best-fit solutions. Having aligned on priorities, we developed a plan of attack and began:

  • overhauling the client’s existing desktop capabilities
  • rebooting the client’s approach to handling service desk contacts
  • implementing comprehensive reporting to improve visibility into operations and progress towards goals
  • establishing a key framework for driving and measuring operational improvements going forward


Randstad Technologies rolled out a unique hybrid facility model, introducing 24x7 coverage while reducing customer costs and increasing the client’s flexibility to handle contact volume spikes. Highlights of the engagement included:

  • handling approximately 1,300 monthly escalations with our desktop support implementation
  • supporting approximately 3,600 monthly contacts through our service desk implementation
  • decreasing repeat calls through knowledge management enhancements and more sophisticated governance
  • introducing a continual service improvement (CSI) program within the client’s organization, correcting what had been a critical shortcoming

single-point-of-contact (SPOC) global service desk enhances user experience. May 13, 2019 12:15:06 PM 2019-05-13 16:15:06


When service desk and support models became operating pain points, the client, a Fortune 100 company, turned to Randstad Technologies for support. Specifically, the client’s decentralized model — a mix of globally distributed insourced and outsourced service desks — was leading to a host of negative consequences, such as:

  • sub-optimal service delivery
  • inconsistent client experiences
  • limited data-based insights
  • misdirected customer incidents
  • duplicative work
  • communication channel breakdowns
  • unresolved user requests, incidents, problems and more


By leveraging industry-leading methodologies, Randstad Technologies helped the client transition to a single-point-of-contact (SPOC) service desk using a phased approach on a global scale. And to ensure end-to-end issue resolution, we took care to overturn previous vendors’ practice of assigning core problem-solving tasks back to end users.

After developing an 18-month planning process that finalized consolidation and transition efforts — with shared agreement around strategic goals and objectives, support structures, ownership roles and financials — we focused on:

  • building out a best-in-class SPOC, including end-to-end management for IT-related service desk services
  • addressing low first-call-resolution rates together with sub-par customer satisfaction levels
  • formalizing knowledge management and standardizing processes based on an information technology infrastructure library (ITIL)


Having identified opportunities to reduce overall call volume, Randstad Technologies implemented a new governance model emphasizing the quality of end-user experiences, the efficiency of service delivery and the effectiveness of service outcomes. Highlights of the engagement included:

  • successfully launching initial-phase transition of 30,000 domestic end users to an offshore support model
  • growing support from a user base of 16,000 with approximately 13,000 monthly interactions to 46,000 end users with more than 27,000 monthly interactions
  • implementing a continual service improvement (CSI) program focused on increasing customer satisfaction
  • designating subject matter experts within the SPOC to focus on the client's key lines of business

Having partnered successfully with Randstad Technologies for 15 years, the client was delighted (though perhaps unsurprised) that we were able to develop such robust solutions — and have an immediate impact on bottom-line performance.

aggressive deadline to develop radar platform met. May 13, 2019 1:55:24 PM 2019-05-13 17:55:24


One of the world’s largest automotive safety suppliers required engineering support to develop and verify the embedded software for their state-of-the-art automotive radar sensor in compliance with ISO-26262. This technology can potentially save lives by allowing drivers to see other vehicles in all weather conditions, warn drivers of pending hazards and support autonomous driving in real-world scenarios.


For several years, Randstad has provided technical expertise and leadership consultation to support the client’s business leaders, enhance global software development teams and deliver solutions, including:

  • optimizing software development plans and strategy for ISO-26262 and ASPICE compliance
  • generating functional safety and certification data
  • authoring system safety and software requirements
  • producing software design and verification artifacts by reverse-engineering code
  • bringing software into compliance with MISRA and company standards
  • creating a custom automated software build and unit test environment
  • providing training and mentoring to their global teams on industry best practices
  • delivering training and consulting on model-based development (MBD)


The experts at Randstad Engineering delivered significant business value by:

  • creating a common radar platform for use in multiple applications, including adaptive cruise control, forward collision assist, lane departure warning, blindspot detection and other advanced driver-assistance systems
  • integrating legacy software with new hardware platforms
  • reducing overall product lifecycle costs
  • creating new company standards and processes based on industry best practices
  • creating a virtual workforce to partner collaboratively and seamlessly with the client’s global teams
  • helping the client develop next-generation software by providing timely access to experienced talent
  • enhancing internal processes governing software development operations

Based on the success of this engagement, the automotive safety supplier continues to consult with Randstad Engineering on long-term product planning.

enhanced IT staffing and services enable $1.2 billion EHR software implementation. May 15, 2019 9:12:24 AM 2019-05-15 13:12:24


When operational challenges began undermining a $1.2 billion electronic health record (EHR) software implementation, the client, a $9 billion nonprofit healthcare system, turned to Randstad Technologies for support. Key obstacles facing the client included:

  • an ongoing and financially crippling reliance on expensive consultants
  • a lack of available IT talent, which created resource drains on existing internal staff
  • a pending nurses’ strike, which not only threatened to derail the software implementation but created the need for nurses who could quickly learn the EHR software


Working in tandem with the client’s management team, Randstad Technologies created a process to acquire and develop internal resources in support of the EHR system, including:

  • filling hundreds of business-critical contract and direct-hire positions, including a large pool of highly skilled professionals to support the EHR implementation
  • implementing a Tier 1 software service desk solution for a rapidly growing group of users, addressing complex application issues while enhancing the client's ability to scale
  • developing a recruiting plan to hire and cross-train skilled candidates who could assist and eventually replace consultants
  • sourcing a large team of trainers to teach interim nurses the EHR software and mitigate potentially grave outcomes related to the pending strike


By partnering with Randstad Technologies, the client was able to complete the planned EHR implementation effectively and efficiently, reducing costs and ensuring continued operational growth in the process. Specific highlights of the engagement included:

  • filling 611 contract and direct-hire positions, including more than 250 related to the EHR implementation alone — and doing so despite extremely fierce competition for EHR-skilled talent today
  • facilitating widespread adoption and use of the new EHR system through a Tier 1 service desk, in turn enabling the client to scale quickly and respond to increases in user demand
  • developing a recruiting plan that targeted recent college graduates, which not only achieved a 100 percent retention rate but curbed the client's reliance on consultants — a change that immediately improved the bottom line
  • managing the rapid acquisition of 25 trainers, enabling the client to avoid potential risks and bottlenecks associated with the pending strike

Learn how our deep domain expertise can empower your organization — and contribute to your bottom line, as well. Get in touch with us today.

new organizational structure, roadmap and prioritization of activities — delivered. May 23, 2019 10:01:03 AM 2019-05-23 14:01:03


When the data-management organization at a leading financial institution needed to transition from a dedicated technology production and support model to a shared-services model, they turned to Randstad Technologies. The client's high-level needs included:

  • a brand-new governance, operational and organizational model to perform critical data management for the client's investor service
  • a strong roadmap to lay out the tasks, timelines and costs associated with the transformation


With a focus on seamlessly transitioning the organization from its current state to a future-state model, we delivered a solution that:

  • provided strategy and business consultants to assess current operations, develop project roadmaps and define target states
  • developed a new organizational structure — based on interviews with cross-functional personnel — that ensured success down the road
  • guided the sourcing of skill sets for the new organization


In addition to providing greater insight into the most up-to-date best practices for business, service and financial management, our partnership with the client:

  • successfully established the new organization, governance structure and services
  • provided a robust roadmap and prioritization of activities moving forward

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how agile coaching improved one mobile team's productivity. May 23, 2019 11:24:47 AM 2019-05-23 15:24:47


When suboptimal productivity began plaguing the mobile team at a global financial services and payment technology company as they transitioned to agile, the client turned to Randstad Technologies for support and strategic direction. In addition to being unable to leverage their newly adopted principles and development processes to increase productivity and timeliness, the team also needed to allow for greater fluctuation in resource demands to meet their capacity needs.


With every aspect of the team's agile practices requiring strengthening and guidance, our solution focused on:

  • providing experienced Scrum masters to deliver top-flight coaching in agile methodology
  • establishing a managed-services program that provided the team with specialists in native iOS, native Android and HTML5
  • delivering program governance and continual service improvement
  • creating a highly scalable resource model
  • affording the team the flexibility to quickly ramp up or down as needed, as well as providing offsite options through Randstad's delivery centers


In addition to the client's team improving the overall quality and performance of their mobile applications, key highlights of the engagement included:

  • increasing the average app rating from one to five stars in Apple's App Store within nine months
  • driving speed-to-market through improved team productivity
  • strengthening budget control through process improvements

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creating IT efficiency through PMO assessment and execution. May 23, 2019 11:24:57 AM 2019-05-23 15:24:57


With IT-related projects routinely exceeding projected cost estimates and schedules, the client, a $4 billion privately held department store, turned to Randstad Technologies to deliver comprehensive operational change in its existing IT project management office (PMO). Success in the fiercely competitive retail industry means leveraging critical IT initiatives, so partnering with Randstad to optimize the PMO was the first step in the right direction.


Our multitiered approach to addressing the client's challenges involved looking at operational infrastructure as well as staffing needs. Key components of our solution included:

  • conducting a comprehensive PMO assessment through interviews and conversations with client-side stakeholders
  • identifying critical priorities by applying Randstad's proprietary model
  • delivering a detailed roadmap to revamp the PMO's structure and governance
  • providing guidance on performance and knowledge management
  • building a flexible team poised to accommodate ever-evolving requirements, enabling greater scalability while enhancing service-level delivery


By partnering with Randstad Technologies, the client has been able to far more accurately plan, manage and execute complex and large-scale IT initiatives. What's more, they can now quickly adapt to maintain quality and tackle future needs.

Highlights of the engagement included:

  • leading an in-depth assessment of the client's PMO maturity based on interviews with 60 stakeholders as well as industry standards determined by our proprietary methodology
  • recruiting, hiring and onboarding 20 new personnel — including project managers, program managers, and business analysts
  • freeing up time for the IT management team to focus on more value-added business activities
  • enhancing the client's ability to scale resources based on changing client needs
  • providing ongoing oversight and communication of SLA attainment and other performance indicators

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leveraging ITIL to formalize IT strategy and improve capabilities. May 23, 2019 11:25:06 AM 2019-05-23 15:25:06


When the IT department of a national distributor of construction supplies and tools needed to establish formal organizational structures, processes and standards following a large-scale merger, they turned to Randstad Technologies. Not only was there a duplicate set of applications, systems and infrastructure to streamline, but serious operational transformation was needed to help the department support projected revenue growth and handle an ever-increasing demand for services.


With revenue and the business's bottom line at stake, the client needed to see results immediately. To support this rapid transformation, key areas of our solution included:

  • identifying critical gaps and risk areas with the current IT operations model
  • evaluating and scoring their organizational capabilities against information technology infrastructure library (ITIL) best practices
  • introducing a "virtual ops team" model to ensure operational control
  • developing a maturity roadmap for the client's IT operations


In addition to introducing a formalized role for IT operations within the organization, highlights of the engagement included:

  • improving IT operations capabilities by introducing a comprehensive framework aligned with ITIL best practices
  • formalizing frameworks for monitoring core business functions
  • developing and implementing end-to-end plans for disaster recovery and business continuity

When you partner with Randstad Technologies, there is no organizational change too large to overcome. Get in touch with us today.

maturity assessment + growth roadmap = enhanced scalability. May 23, 2019 11:41:03 AM 2019-05-23 15:41:03


When a multibillion-dollar wire and cable manufacturer needed new IT leadership to drive ERP transformation and organizational growth, they turned to Randstad Technologies. Additional challenges included the crippling impact of ad hoc and centrally managed legacy systems on business and IT strategy and governance.


With a new CIO on board — and eager to drive organizational transformation — the client needed to see results fast. Key components of our solution included:

  • a maturity assessment spanning IT-business alignment, operations and governance
  • a future-state perspective across IT functions, processes and organizational structures
  • strategic recommendations for improving IT-business governance models and processes


In addition to enabling the client to clearly understand how IT challenges were hampering operational effectiveness, highlights of the engagement included:

  • creating a target-state IT operating model to facilitate business alignment and delivery
  • introducing a roadmap for changes to support organizational growth and scalability

To learn more about what Randstad Technologies can do for your business, get in touch with us today. We're always here to help.

successful Epic transformation with tier 1 support project partner. Jun 17, 2019 11:40:51 AM 2019-06-17 15:40:51


When a major teaching hospital with a nationwide network of outpatient healthcare centers needed to undertake a complex tech implementation, they turned to Randstad Technologies for our rare combination of functional and technical expertise. Specifically, the client needed:

  • support for all aspects of pre-implementation planning and strategy
  • multiple new hires for niche roles — who needed to be in place before the project could even ramp up
  • a partner capable of successfully implementing Epic Foundation System while replacing disparate legacy systems, including Allscripts Sunrise and GE IDX, on a tight timeline 


Working consultatively with the client to align on priorities and goals, the experts at Randstad Technologies oversaw all phases of the complex tech implementation. Our four-part solution included: 

  • supporting Cloverleaf integrations among different applications within the hospital
  • providing credentialed Epic principal trainers — the highest level of trainers for Epic — to build the client's initial curriculum, conduct classroom trainings, promote end-user adoption and drive key educational initiatives across departments in advance of go-live
  • delivering dedicated support across a host of health information technology (HIT), electronic medical records (EMR), project management and healthcare data initiatives
  • leading the transition and initial phases of the client's Health Level-7 (HL7) integration while backfilling for vacancies related to the Epic Foundation System


Randstad's rapid delivery approach, which allowed the client's team to ramp up quickly in advance of the eventual go-live, proved to be a key factor in the success of the overall project.

Highlights of the two-year engagement included:

  • ensuring a successful implementation by deploying a region-specific Epic delivery team, which enabled the client to scale within an agile framework   
  • sourcing qualified candidates for several highly technical roles within seven days of receiving the client's requisition  
  • connecting the client to an exclusive pool of more than 100,000 candidates with expertise specifically in Epic and HIT through our partnership with Monster
  • serving as the client's preferred Tier 1 vendor for Epic staff augmentation during the two-year installation

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strategic partnership cures digital stagnation for healthcare system. Jun 17, 2019 11:41:35 AM 2019-06-17 15:41:35


When a large, multistate university health system wanted to adopt cutting-edge digital health technologies and products, they turned to the experts at Randstad Technologies for support. Specific challenges for the client included:

  • creating a unified digital experience that brought together new and existing technologies
  • documenting existing workflows while conducting essential medical and technical research — and that meant sourcing skilled talent that could enable them to do so 


Digital innovation has the power to transform patient experiences and deliver substantial business value for providers. Taking advantage of the opportunity, of course, requires not only the right technology but skilled talent capable of delivering.

Working consultatively with the client to address these and related challenges, Randstad Technologies:

  • provided specialized project and product managers, analysts and other highly in-demand candidates to assist with the roll-out of major new products and platforms
  • delivered ongoing project support for transformative digital products leveraging AI, FHIR/SMART on FHIR, CDS Hooks, MuleSoft Anypoint Platform™ and more
  • facilitated the design of patient- and clinician-facing apps that integrate with Epic and other major integrations across clinical platforms and technologies
  • sourced clinical informatics, analytics and core technical support talent through a local recruitment engine


By leveraging a flexible talent model and being responsive to the client's needs, Randstad Technologies was able to deliver on all core project goals. Highlights of the engagement included:

  • quickly filling all roles in support of the client's digital patient experience platform, which significantly enhanced patient accessibility
  • successfully addressing critical business needs while simultaneously conquering key technical issues in a complex and agile environment — and doing so without disrupting core day-to-day operations

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clinical outcomes driven through healthcare data governance. Jun 17, 2019 12:29:34 PM 2019-06-17 16:29:34


When a leading provider of health systems and clinical solutions wanted to streamline prior-authorization processes and harness their data for competitive advantage, they turned to Randstad Technologies for support. Specifically, they needed to:

  • improve and mature data-governance standards, particularly around data quality and master data management
  • transform their traditional data program into a Data as a Service (DaaS) model
  • introduce a flexible delivery model that allowed for variable demand and delivery oversight governed by service level


Randstad worked closely with the client, installing seasoned healthcare data management as well as change-agent leaders to serve on the client's CIO team. After aligning on a shared vision for provider and prior-authorization information management, Randstad got to work:

  • enabling the client to address anomalies and errors 50 percent faster through enhanced data quality processes, contributing clear bottom-line value
  • eliminating legacy data silos to drive faster speed to market for onboarding new clients, which in turn allowed the client to realize revenue faster
  • giving the client a clear competitive advantage by expediting access to clinical information
  • supporting clinical outcomes with unified data sources based on best practices of healthcare modeling
  • introducing DaaS information for claims and prior-authorization processes
  • reducing overall costs, while improving the quality of data, through a revamped data-governance model


Highlights of the engagement included:

  • quickly filling all roles in support of the client's digital patient experience platform, which significantly enhanced patient accessibility
  • successfully addressing critical business needs while simultaneously conquering key technical issues in a complex and agile environment — and doing so without disrupting core day-to-day operations

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avoiding business or user disruptions in windows 7 to windows 10 migrations. Sep 6, 2019 3:39:45 PM 2019-09-06 19:39:45


Frustrated by struggling with a variety of Windows 7 issues, this professional sporting event organization decided enough was enough and began migrating to Windows 10. Worried that the migration might require skills they lacked internally and that it would disrupt their business operations, they turned to Randstad Technologies for our technical insights and extensive operating system migration experience.


Working closely with the client, we developed a plan tailored to their operations that would have them up and running Windows 10 quickly, without disrupting their users’ work routines. Randstad applied their proven migration process to:

  • deploy new laptops and desktops throughout the organization
  • provide users white-glove service to ensure they were productive and satisfied with version 10
  • deliver integrated data migration, next-day support and call center services at four locations
  • work with individual end users to teach them new features and functions and to ensure their systems were running properly
  • follow the client’s procedures in decommissioning their old equipment


By turning to Randstad Technologies to handle their Windows 10 migration, this client avoided the technical hurdles and business disruptions that an operating system migration can create. Their days of struggling with Windows 7 were finally over.

Highlights of the engagement included:

  • attaining increased user productivity and access to new applications
  • reducing downtime caused by data migration and problem resolution
  • completing the migration on schedule with no user or business disruptions
  • helping this client move forward with migrations on 11 additional sites

Ready to see how Randstad Technologies can help you migrate from Windows 7 to Windows 10? Get in touch with one of our migration specialists to learn more.

windows 10 migration across 7 locations beats client’s aggressive deadline. Sep 6, 2019 3:41:57 PM 2019-09-06 19:41:57


User frustration with Windows 7 was up, productivity was down and application incompatibility was causing real business problems when this international financial trading organization brought in Randstad Technologies to migrate the organization from Windows 7 to Windows 10. 

Their rapid migration schedule entailed:

  • migrating 1,200 devices to Win 10
  • staging, imaging and migrating vast quantities of user data
  • communicating with and helping prepare their end users for the new operating system


Working as a strategic partner, Randstad Technologies applied years of Windows migration experience performed for scores of clients to meet their aggressive deadline.

  • providing scheduling, asset tracking and end user communication
  • managing and synchronizing the installation/migration teams across 7 locations
  • staging, imaging and moving user data at each location
  • following the client’s procedures for decommissioning old equipment for recycling or disposal


The client’s migration proved successful in meeting their expectations about improving business operations within their short timeframe.

  • deploying over 1,200 devices across 7 locations in less than 90 days
  • completing the migration faster than expected
  • reducing the amount of downtime for data migration and problem resolution

Ready to find out how Randstad Technologies can help your Windows 7 to Windows 10 migration? Connect with our migration professionals today.

honeywell collaborates with randstad to boost Veterans hiring. Nov 1, 2019 9:51:52 AM 2019-11-01 13:51:52


When Honeywell wanted to grow its Veterans recruiting practice — and position itself as an employer of choice among Veterans — the company sought out subject matter experts in Veteran recruiting. Building on an existing recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) program with Randstad, Honeywell turned to our Veteran Center of Excellence for support organizing, improving and managing its Veterans recruitment efforts.


Randstad applied our proven Veterans sourcing and screening processes to develop an effective strategy to greatly increase the number of Veterans applying for positions at Honeywell. Randstad’s actions included creating and implementing:

  • a customized candidate-sourcing campaign for Veterans
  • a transition-assistance program to ease the move from military to civilian work
  • emerging talent training for Veterans, including training in both soft and hard skills 
  • an advanced training program that offered certifications with guaranteed job interviews and employment consideration for graduates
  • an apprenticeship program


Honeywell’s Veteran initiative has proven to a runaway success so far — and its momentum only continues to grow. Highlights of the engagement include:

  • generating 867 Veteran candidates in the first quarter of the year, a 46 percent improvement over the year previous 
  • delivering 301 Veteran hires in the first quarter of the year 
  • improving year-over-year Veteran hiring by 600 percent 



randstad and cisco partner to offer Veterans cybersecurity careers. Nov 1, 2019 11:03:40 AM 2019-11-01 15:03:40


The hunt for cybersecurity talent is intense and will intensify. Estimates peg the 2021 shortage of cybersecurity professionals at 3.5 million. Organizations realize that unless they reskill people from other tech fields, they’ll never cover this gap. 

This stark realization inspired Cisco to create its CyberVets program, an industry partnership of cyber-focused companies that provides free training and certification to the military and veteran community.

Cisco wanted a partner that could provide their graduates with career coaching, resume writing and brand development, as well as employment opportunities — and Randstad proved the perfect fit.


The first-of-its-kind collaborative relationship formed between Cisco and Randstad ensures that Veterans participating in Cisco’s CyberVets program have sufficient resources to take the next step in their cyber-focused careers. 

Cisco leverages Randstad’s Veterans Center of Excellence consulting program, development and placement support services to offer CyberVets students additional resources, like career coaching, resume writing and individualized job leads at both CISCO and other participating employers.

As they near the end of the program, all CyberVets graduates connect with a professional career coach for career guidance and development options. All grads are also guaranteed an interview with Cisco and/or a participating employer. 


Through close collaboration and research, Randstad and Cisco have been able to establish and refine the “ideal” demographics, backgrounds and career goals for new CyberVets students. This refinement improves the effectiveness of the program in fitting graduates to matching employment opportunities and helps Cisco increase the value of their investment in the program. 


on-demand agile scrum team for a fintech leader. Jul 22, 2020 1:53:59 PM 2020-07-22 17:53:59


The client, a leading FinTech company, aimed to partner with and increase the value of traditional financial institutions. However, rapid growth in demand also meant rapidly expanding the client’s team — and adapting to a radically new environment. Concerned, the resource-strapped client tapped Randstad's Agile Scrum Managed Resource Program to help build out their teams.


Led by Randstad’s assigned Delivery Director and Technology Director, Randstad quickly moved to build and ramp up two scrum teams. Significant aspects of our approach included:

  • identifying the talent for complete application development scrum teams, including iOS developers, Android developers, web developers, platform services engineers, scrum masters and more to assist with ongoing application development initiatives

  • the two self-organizing scrum teams are leveraged by the client to develop, troubleshoot and test both legacy and new web and native mobile applications

  • essential technology competencies include Ruby, NodeJS, Android, iOS, React JS and more


The Randstad Solutions team went above and beyond to deliver on the client’s needs. Critically, what’s more, the client can now ramp resources up or down at any time based on vicissitudes in demand. Key outcomes included:

  • led by Randstad’s Delivery Director, providing ongoing team oversight — and ensuring the continual development of all team members

  • rapidly responding to evolving sourcing needs on behalf of the client

  • delivering mission-critical technical and operational assistance to abet the client’s organizational transformation


driving agility governance for a fortune 500 home loan mortgage corporation. Jul 22, 2020 1:55:41 PM 2020-07-22 17:55:41


The client, a Fortune 500 home loan mortgage company, was undergoing major, multi-year transformational change to implement Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®) 4.6, but the company’s project management office (PMO) lacked consistent, standardized governance processes, controls and metrics to ensure the success of the transformation. Unsure how to proceed on their own, the client turned to the technology experts at Randstad Technologies for help.


We took an incisive and iterative approach to solving our client’s onsite challenges, beginning with an end-to-end PMO assessment to identify governance controls and metrics for the new environment. Key aspects of our approach included:

  • conducting discovery interviews to “baseline” the current state and identify gaps needed to achieve the target state

  • identifying agility metrics currently in place with the goal of delivering on immediate needs

  • creating standardized templates for PMO/agile processes during and after the transformation

  • delivering a number of quick-wins early on while rolling out consistent templates for PM/agile practices going forward

  • training and certifying all onsite project managers



Empowered by Randstad’s technology experts, the client: 

  • created agility metrics for the new process, ensuring post-transformation SAFe® process success while eliminating gaps

  • implemented templates for project schedules spanning multiple frameworks

  • built a playbook to assist project managers with onboarding, which also made it easier to access legacy documents

  • certified all onsite Randstad project managers in SAFe® processes to support the success of the transformation, at the same time improving quality and scalability


PMO assessment and managed services for the nation’s largest pharmacy chain. Jul 22, 2020 1:56:21 PM 2020-07-22 17:56:21


Our client, the nation’s largest chain of retail pharmacies, faced considerable challenges delivering on variable IT project management office (PMO) demands. Compounding the difficulty was a recent merger, which had led to inconsistent PMO processes across the enterprise. As demand continued to climb, the client sought a partner capable of enhancing PMO maturity, addressing variable resource demand, ensuring delivery quality and increasing commercial value.


We took a multichannel approach to address our client’s challenges, beginning with a strategic PMO assessment, Managed Resource Program (MRP) and agile as well as project management institute (PMI) certification training. On top of that, Randstad Technologies:

  • conducted assessments to define the PMO standardization strategy across the client’s disparate global entities

  • supported delivery maturity improvements by conducting PMI and agile certification training

  • implemented an MRP delivery model to streamline resource strategy, selection, onboarding, training, governance, continual service improvements and more


Key outcomes of the partnership included: 

  • generating strong commercial value through competitive pricing, improved quality and greater scalability

  • meeting initial demand within four weeks of initiating the partnership by implementing a flexible delivery model

  • developing onboarding training programs to accelerate productivity and improve delivery consistency and quality

  • substantially reducing the client’s investment — in terms of both dollars and time — while streamlining the resource-acquisition process under a five-day selection service-level agreement

  • generating strong commercial value through competitive pricing, improved quality and greater scalability


IT standardization challenge solved for a global pharma distributor through SD-WAN implementation. Jul 22, 2020 1:56:59 PM 2020-07-22 17:56:59


Lack of standardization across onsite WAN connectivity was causing our client, a $195 billion pharmaceutical and supplies distributor, serious IT support headaches. The client’s core IT staff was unable to upgrade these sites efficiently and quickly in order to meet the rapidly evolving demands of the business — and one strategic partner had already failed to deliver on goals. The client chose Randstad Technologies due to our expertise in deploying SD-WAN connectivity and our ability to deliver quickly and efficiently.


Recognizing the breadth of the challenge, Randstad’s team quickly got to work:

  • implementing robust project management practices governing the scheduling and coordination of multiple customer partners required at each location

  • conducting pre-cutover visits at each location to verify requirements, install equipment and identify any additional work 

  • documenting cutover processes for each site and creating step-by-step playbooks for action


Key outcomes of the engagement included: 

  • delivering on SD WAN connectivity goals across all sites

  • significantly bolstered the speed and efficiency of the project by conducting all pre-cutover visits in two hours and cutover activities in only one

  • mitigating broad-based support challenges

  • empowering the client with the ability to deploy more quickly and efficiently going forward 


new network architecture and engineering for a leading government contractor — in just 12 months. Jul 22, 2020 2:00:46 PM 2020-07-22 18:00:46


When our client, a $1 billion defense firm, divested from its parent company, new IT infrastructure — from data centers to branches — was needed urgently. In fact, not only would continued reliance on the parent company’s network be cost prohibitive, it would also prevent the client from delivering on key business needs. Desperately seeking a leading-edge technology solution that leveraged application-centric infrastructure (ACI), the client turned to Randstad for support.


Recognizing that speed was of the essence, Randstad Technologies’ team quickly got to work, including:

  • provided wide-ranging technology assessments, as well as project management support to deliver on needs

  • designed and deployed resources to implement a policy-based, software-defined datacenter using ACI

  • implemented the core network, then upgraded all branches, as well as end-point devices in parallel

  • identified key technology resources to meet the client’s business needs — and set them up for long-term growth

  • determined the client’s most at-risk sites, ranking them by potential impact on the business

  • built specialized implementation teams in order to meet customer needs

  • created standards to support forward-thinking methodologies

  • ensured broad-based support and understanding for all new technologies


Highlights of the engagement included: 

  • successfully deploying leading-edge ACI technology 

  • effectively rolling out architecture to implement a medium-sized enterprise network in less than 12 months

  • eliminating problematic “shadow IT” 

  • introducing more flexible and agile IT design, which allowed the business to grow quickly and more efficiently going forward


timely IoT solutions for an automotive supplier. Jul 22, 2020 2:01:27 PM 2020-07-22 18:01:27


Our client, a leading automotive supplier, faced a not-so-uncommon obstacle with an upcoming IoT deployment: namely, new features that could not be brought to market due to integration challenges with existing products (in this case, a mix of diesel, electric and hybrid cars). This problem became even clearer after attempting to integrate infotainment systems, Microsoft cloud services, services for Android/iOS phones and more. Fortunately, Randstad Technologies came to the rescue.


Randstad immediately got to work creating new technology solutions, with the goal of integrating embedded systems with cloud infrastructure, streamlining code and testing all phases of development. Our solution included: 

  • conducting end-to-end (E2E) integration and validation

  • overseeing the automation of core platform as well as test automation

  • providing engineering expertise to support the client’s project goals with key technologies, including REST API, MQTT protocol, cloud services, backend servers, Linux, CAN/LIN, C/C++, Bash, Python and more 


Key outcomes of the engagement included:

  • sharing full ownership of deliverables and meeting all client deadlines during the engagement 

  • providing much-needed technical expertise and assistance to the client

  • ensuring on-time delivery

  • developing an in-best-cost-country model 



developing a customer-facing portal to leverage IoT data for a major transportation and distribution company. Jul 22, 2020 2:03:25 PM 2020-07-22 18:03:25


The client, a U.S. transportation and distribution company, wanted to develop a customer-facing portal to provide better access to shipment status and other data provided by their IoT platform. Developing this portal was viewed as a key business priority that would allow the client to remain competitive in the marketplace. Lacking the internal resources to complete the project, however, the client turned to the tech experts at Randstad Technologies for support.


Randstad’s team quickly got to work. Key aspects of our solution included: 

  • creating designated UI/UX design and application development teams to assist with the development, design and launch of the new web portal as well as related mobile applications 

  • applying modern web standards to all aspects of the project, including responsive design through CSS3 and HTML5

  • utilizing a robust API to allow for peak performance on native mobile applications (iOS/Android)


Meaningful outcomes of our engagement included: 

  • meeting all project deadlines — and delivering on budget — by leveraging proven project management methodologies

  • significantly improving operations and enhancing service levels for customers and truckers alike



food processing giant upgrades nationwide network to accommodate IoT. Jul 22, 2020 2:04:06 PM 2020-07-22 18:04:06


Plans to acquire and deploy smart tools and production machinery in order to fashion the “plant of the future” were hampered by aging, disparate, and outdated network equipment. To accommodate anticipated demand for IoT-enabled automation and communication, this client decided to upgrade their entire wired/wireless network infrastructure at 70 North American plants and distribution facilities.


Randstad was selected based on its extensive deployment and network experience, quality focus, innovative approach and structured, scalable delivery model. 

Integrated approach included:

  • planning, survey and design of all locations
  • staging, kitting, configuration and shipping of new equipment
  • installation of new equipment and cabling, management of site cutovers, the re-IPing and testing of all equipment
  • post-installation survey, using Randstad’s proprietary SurveyR app displayed new equipment and cabling configurations. Testing of wireless coverage
  • partnering with the client to standardize network wireless equipment and materials, signal strength benchmarks, access point coverage, etc
  • randstad Technologies’ team consisted of network engineers, wireless engineers and project managers who understood IT


Randstad completed upgrades to all 70 sites with no disruptions to the client’s operations. Implementing a faster, more stable and secure network offers wide-ranging benefits:

  • facilities can accommodate increased demands for bandwidth, reliability, security and speed for current and future IoT endeavors
  • network upgrades cover an aggregate of over 12 million ft2. Installed 520,000 feet of Cat6 cable and almost 150,000 feet of fiber
  • more secure and safe infrastructure reduces the risk of intrusion or corruption
  • standardization has reduced equipment costs and time spent troubleshooting
  • innovative approach reduced outage time and eliminated downtime during network cutovers

Throughout the project, Randstad Technologies leveraged its formal Continual Service Improvement program to ensure work proceeded quickly and effectively. Randstad led Six Sigma Black Belt workshops to standardize customer’s wired and wireless network infrastructure.



randstad engineering solutions saves time and money for $9B automotive safety system manufacturer. Mar 24, 2021 12:50:35 PM 2021-03-24 16:50:35


Our client, a $9 billion automotive safety system manufacturer, needed to quickly automate their build and test environment on a PC. Overall, the process called for integrating multiple PC tools and infrastructure to produce embedded software and test reports. All processes needed to validate embedded systems using a real-world hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulator. To complete this project in both a timely and cost-effective manner, the client knew they could count on Randstad Engineering Solutions.


  • provided senior engineers to architect, implement and build a Jenkins-based system for continuous integration environment and unit test framework
  • consulted on software development processes and DevOps
  • created scripts and tools to automate reporting and metrics generation
  • built a framework to fully automate product testing with HIL support


  • reduced number of engineers required to support the build and release of software
  • lowered customer build-cycle times and overall defect rate
  • allowed unit test and integration level testing to occur more often/earlier in process
  • produced required ISO 26262 and ASPICE-level compliant documentation to support certification

randstad helps european aircraft manufacturer soar to new heights. Mar 24, 2021 12:52:34 PM 2021-03-24 16:52:34


Our client, a well-known european aircraft manufacturer, lacked the necessary skills to configure an AE653 OS and develop utility management system (UMS) software apps for a new business jet. Already two years behind schedule, the hardware and test environment challenges they faced were continuing to escalate, putting their test flight deadlines at risk. Knowing that Randstad Engineering Solutions had in-depth experience and expertise in this area, they quickly enlisted us to provide support.


  • assembled a team of 30+ software engineers to fix the OS and write or revise UMS apps while adding new features
  • developed a software workaround to test UMS apps without hardware
  • designed and supported the implementation of a fully automated test environment to support all testing needs: software in the loop (SIL), hardware in the loop (HIL) and system integration
  • created a simulated target platform running on a PC, allowing the debug and execution of the OFP code and test procedures on workstations, making it easy to replicate at no extra cost
  • developed “devices” simulators to debug and test open and closed loop subsystems on a PC, allowing the execution of the same test procedures in SIL, HIL and systems modes
  • qualified the tool in all modes for use in formal testing and structural coverage analysis


  • reconfigured the AE653 OS and rewrote thousands of lines of both legacy and new code for the OS and UMS apps
  • upgraded the documentation to pass the European certification authority development audits (SOIs)
  • mitigated third-party hardware delays
  • recovered schedule to support original test flight schedule
  • provided a single test environment for all test scenarios reducing test duplication and training costs
  • allowed easy and costless replication of the test environment, minimizing bottlenecks
  • the hardware platform was accessible remotely, allowing use 24/7/365

leading medical technology company embraces next generation of wireless connectivity with randstad. Mar 24, 2021 1:02:09 PM 2021-03-24 17:02:09


A world-leading medical technology company needed engineering support on an Internet of Things (IoT) project which involved developing the next generation of wireless connectivity for their hospital beds and ambulance cots. Unfortunately, the company’s internal team lacked the necessary expertise and hands-on experience to develop applications for embedded Linux and web security systems. With the need to complete this complex project growing greater by the day, the client knew they could count on the experts at Randstad Engineering Solutions to provide assistance.


  • assigned a team of subject matter experts and a dedicated technical delivery director to collaborate with client and ensure alignment of expectations
  • implemented the managed resource program delivery model to support varying levels of resource needs
  • dedicated a technical delivery director to serve as the point of contact for the client’s offshore team


  • project deliverables have met or exceeded client’s expectations
    collaborated with and mentored client’s offshore team to achieve higher
  • efficiency with development of test procedures and implementation of web security
  • coordinated directly with a third-party vendor on enhancements and release management of their embedded web stack

FPGA design and test to support DO-254 certification. Apr 19, 2021 10:57:09 AM 2021-04-19 14:57:09


Our client, a global aerospace and defense company, was on a tight deadline to update design models and other artifacts to support FPGA certification to DO-254 guidance, and they lacked internal bandwidth to support the aggressive program schedule.


Randstad Engineering Solutions was able to rapidly deploy and train a team of 19 engineers to support this effort. Key highlights of our engagement included:

  • assembling a project manager and engineering team in our Fort Lauderdale delivery center, plus dedicated onsite resources at the client’s facilities
  • creating — and cross-training — a team of engineers with a mix of FPGA and avionics safety-critical certification experience
  • reviewing, re-architecting and updating requirements, models and manual VHDL code for the flight control, actuator control and remote electronics units


As promised, Randstad helped our client successfully pass the FAA audit with flying colors, and delivered success in other areas, too, by:

  • integrating seamlessly with the client's engineering team to address several functional issues
  • expanding the original scope of the project to include the re-architecture of the artifacts

APU structural coverage tool: randstad creativity breeds big cost efficiencies for client. Apr 19, 2021 10:59:52 AM 2021-04-19 14:59:52


Because of hardware limitations, our client was unable to perform structural coverage analysis via code instrumentation, the traditional method. They needed a creative solution to avoid the expense of a hardware redesign.


Randstad was able to leverage its expertise in performing structural coverage to develop a creative solution without the need for a hardware redesign. Key aspects of our solution included:

  • development of a custom structural coverage tool based on an ICE (in-circuit emulator) and simple hardware to capture processor bus activities bypassing the limitations of the hardware
  • creation of a tool qualification package and documentation allowing reuse of the tool on similar environments


In the end, Randstad Engineering Solutions was able to meet all of the client's needs — and then some.

  • client found the innovative solution both creative and very cost effective
  • years after project completion, our client informed us that they are using the same tool to support certification on another program

achieving the perfect score: randstad helps client succeed with full lifecycle embedded software development. Apr 19, 2021 11:00:46 AM 2021-04-19 15:00:46


Our client, a global contract manufacturer, was expanding their engineering capabilities into the medical device industry and lacked the experience to develop software in accordance with IEC 62304 required for FDA approval. In a risk assessment, their end customer had rated software as the highest risk component of the overall development and manufacturing effort.


Randstad Engineering Solutions was able to leverage its decades of experience in the development of safety-critical software to bring leadership and guidance to our customer in completing the software per the applicable standards. Key elements of our solution included:

  • deploying a team of senior resources to the client’s site to jointly identify and map the project scope, deliverables, required development standards and more
  • providing technical leadership and a team of software resources to integrate with our client's team to ensure proper development of the software and corresponding artifacts
  • planning and tracking of project metrics using a proprietary online tracking tool


Randstad Engineering Solutions was able to help our client meet and exceed their customer's expectations, including:

  • moving software from the highest risk component to the lowest, in less than six months
  • successfully meeting an aggressive project delivery schedule
  • enabling our client to leverage this success to expand their presence in the medical device industry