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randstad professionals.

With over 25 years of experience staffing professional roles throughout HR, legal and sales and marketing, Randstad Professionals has the resources and expertise you need to find skilled, best-fit talent for your business.
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Lack of access to training and development is a common driver of employee turnover. If that's a problem at your company, nip it in the bud by offering these smart accounting and finance credentials.
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Employee preferences are rapidly changing — and salary isn't the only thing that sways candidates anymore. Just be sure to offer these perks and benefits to help seal the deal.
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understanding (and improving) the ROI of retention

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understanding (and improving) the ROI of retention.

Turnover costs U.S. businesses roughly $1 trillion each year, and you don't want to contribute more to that total. Learn how to accurately measure the cost of retention at your company — and then drive that number down.
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how to drive hiring outcomes without elevating legal risks

temp workers and compliance: no more tradeoffs.

In the rush to onboard temp workers — and get everyone up to speed — compliance training sometimes gets shortchanged. Find out how you can avoid that by building compliance into your processes from end to end.
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the professional talent you need

the professional talent you need

Between finding you great HR, legal and sales and marketing talent to the many different hiring models we accommodate, see all that Randstad Professionals can do to help drive your business.
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a proven approach you can trust

Our talent experts specialize in hiring for the fields you're looking to fill, and are skilled at leveraging our proprietary approach to staffing to ensure you get talent with the right skills and culture fit for your workplace.

professional roles we fill

Randstad Professionals has expertise in finding skilled talent at varying levels of seniority throughout the following areas:

find employees with the skills you need

Ready to start hiring? Our Find Employees search tool makes searching for skilled office and administration talent easy. With just a couple of clicks you’ll be able to start browsing qualified candidate profiles in seconds.

frequently asked questions

interested in learning more?

Ready to learn more? Check out the questions we hear most often from companies looking to work with Randstad Professionals.

what is covered in the cost of working with randstad professionals?

When you start working with Randstad Professionals, you'll receive a one-on-one consultation with a staffing expert to discuss the positions you're looking to fill. They'll also spend time learning about your work environment and company culture to ensure you get candidates with both the right skills and culture fit for your business.

Working with a staffing partner comes with its own set of costs but can save you money in the long run. Every day a position remains vacant, your business is impacted. Between additional overtime costs and increased turnover as overworked employees burn out and leave, the cumulative costs can be crippling.

That's why it's important to fill your vacancies fast — but not just any hire will do. Considering that the cost of turnover can be as much as 21 percent of an employee's salary, you need to get it right the first time. And that's where we can help. Our experts have access to our vast network of skilled, experienced talent, so you'll not only get the right talent for your business, you'll get it fast, too.

what resources does randstad professionals have available?

As one of the world's largest staffing firms, we have a variety of resources to help connect your business with the talent you need. Our professional network is built on strong relationships with talented people at all levels who can help you achieve your business goals.

In addition to our large talent pool, our staffing experts leverage a variety of technologies to help us find the best candidates for you. We use tools like automated reference checking and interview management software to shorten the length of your search time and deliver highly qualified talent.

do the candidates you work with have to pay for your services?

Our services and resources are completely complimentary for our candidates. We provide a wide range of career resources to help them with the search for their next role — like resume writing and interview preparation — and give them the opportunity to work one-on-one with a hiring consultant to strengthen their candidacy. When a candidate is ready for you to evaluate, you'll have all the information you need to make an informed hiring decision.

what industries and company sizes does randstad professionals specialize in?

Randstad Professionals provides staffing and direct-hire candidates with specialization in the accounting and financehuman resources, legal and sales and marketing functions. We source candidates in these sectors for organizations of all sizes — from small startups and nonprofits to large global corporations — and across all industries.

Our hiring consultants specialize in a variety of local markets and segments throughout the U.S. to ensure we can meet the needs of all our clients, no matter their size or location.

how easy is it to use randstad professionals as a service through our HR and legal teams?

Accelerating hiring cycles is one of the most effective ways to win in-demand talent, so when you partner with Randstad Professionals, we make it easy to get the ball rolling. We've laid out our billing and 90-day guarantee terms in simple, easy-to-read one-pagers that you can share with your legal and HR teams for quick review. Once approval is secured, we'll get started right away to find the best talent for your business.


how does randstad professionals find its talent?

Having been in the recruiting business for almost six decades, we've had a little time to build a proven approach to staffing. We use the latest technologies, like our robust applicant tracking system (ATS) that allows us to store referrals and references in one centralized location so we can be the first to find the best talent for you — along with other hiring management platforms that speed up the hiring process. However, we don’t just rely on technology to find the best talent. Our recruiters take the time to get to know your business goals and your company culture to make sure the candidate has the skills and is the right fit for your organization.

In addition, we have a huge network of qualified, experienced professionals and a sizable pool of talented workers across the nation. Our talent pool includes active and “passive” job seekers. Passive job seekers (candidates not found on regular job boards because they are currently employed and/or are not actively looking for jobs) have been known to be 120 percent more likely to want to make an impact and 33 percent more likely to take on challenging work. Randstad’s ability to access passive job seekers can be a huge advantage to you when it comes to finding the most in-demand talent.

why do you recommend being open-minded about your hiring processes?

With competition for top talent at an all-time high, the hiring landscape is changing, and embracing new, innovative methods to finding talent is necessary to remain competitive. That's why more and more businesses are turning to staffing partners like us to get the edge they need.

While you may have handled hiring in-house in the past, the realities of today's talent market demand a more holistic approach to finding candidates. With top talent staying on the market for as little as 10 days, you need to act fast if you want to attract and secure the most in-demand candidates, many of whom are in the “passive talent” pool. Passive job seekers — candidates who are currently employed or not actively looking for new opportunities and can't be found on regular job boards — represent an untapped pool of highly qualified workers who may fit the role requirements perfectly. Leveraging Randstad Professionals to reach this hidden talent pool can deliver quality candidates ready to deliver value from day one.

When you partner with us, you'll save time on pre-screening and interviewing so you can make an offer quickly before losing talent to competitors. We'll leverage our vast network of qualified professionals, along with today's latest sourcing technologies, to find the right candidates fast so you never lose out on another key hire again. It may not be how you've hired in the past, but it'll pay off quickly.

how can randstad professionals be utilized if I don't have a current opening?

Our total talent strategy is designed to provide workforce insights and talent planning solutions beyond just filling roles. While you may not have a vacancy today, you likely will tomorrow, and starting your partnership with us in advance can help you know what to plan for when you do have an opening.

Our experts employ a personalized, consultative approach to address your staffing needs, and they can share current workplace trends and market data that pertain to your region and industry to help you improve employee engagement and retention levels on your team.

Once you're ready to start looking for your next hire, your Randstad Professionals representative will already have much of the information they need to get a head start on finding the right people for your business.  

how much do randstad professionals' services cost?

The cost of our services vary based on a couple of factors, the major ones being:

  • type of hire (temporary, temporary-to-hire and direct-hire)

  • length of assignment

  • skill set specialization/level of experience

We customize our services and solutions to your needs so you're not forced into a one-size-fits-all pricing model that doesn't deliver maximum value.

To learn more about Randstad Professionals' pricing, contact a local representative today.

why should you choose to work with a large specialized organization like randstad professionals?

Randstad Professionals has specialized recruiters in markets all across North America, so there's a Randstad representative available to help you, no matter where you are. Our vast reach allows us to serve a variety of functions within our clients' companies to meet their talent needs from all angles. Randstad Professionals can help larger organizations with operations spanning multiple territories connect with top recruiting specialists across North America.

people, processes, tools and solutions: how randstad HR can help.

In today's competitive hiring landscape, with churn, skills gaps and candidate shortages galore, hiring talent who specializes in talent could be the most important decision you make. 

To succeed in this climate, you'll need an expert team of HR professionals capable of keeping your business staffed with top talent and holding workforce challenges at bay. Partnering with Randstad Human Resources can give you a leg up in building the kind of high-performing HR unit you'll need to keep your business growing. Here are all the ways we can help. 

skilled HR talent that's right for your workplace 

Unemployment is low and the talent market is tightening. So if you're having trouble finding qualified candidates, Randstad Human Resources has the reach and resources to help. 

Bad hires are expensive. Our consultants will work hard to help you avoid the costs of a bad hire by learning as much as they can about your business and staffing needs to find the right fit. 

according to employers we surveyed, these are the most harmful impacts of a bad hire:

cost of a bad hire_graph

And by "right fit," we really mean right fit. We combine the latest HR technologies with in-depth human insight to identify candidates who have the right skills and working style to succeed in your workplace. 

38 percent pie chart38% of employees would leave their jobs due to toxic workplace cultures or ones where they don't fit in.

We'll help you hire faster. You don't have to worry about sacrificing candidate quality for speedy hiring. Our recruiters have access to efficient sourcing technologies and an extensive network of proven, pre-vetted HR professionals.

top talent is only on the market for 10 days — yet time to hire for a majority of the organizations we surveyed takes between 2 to 3 months.*

We can help you hire HR talent on a temporary, temporary-to-hire or direct-hire basis for specialities, like:

  • benefits administration

  • compensation

  • HR business partners

  • HR consultancy

  • HRIS

  • HR VPs, directors and managers

  • labor/employee relations

  • organizational development

  • recruiting/talent acquisition

  • training and development 

The recruiters you'll work with specialize in human resources hiring, and they’ll be up to date on the latest hiring trends that could be affecting your organization. That, coupled with our personalized, consultative approach, ensures you get talent and solutions that make sense for your business.

tailored solutions for all your talent challenges

Finding great HR talent is only the beginning. You need to be able to keep them productive and engaged long-term — and we can set you up for sustainable success. Our experts can design tailored talent strategies to help you:

Avoid lengthy (and costly) hiring cycles. A proactive staffing strategy that scales with your business will allow you to hit the ground running when talent needs arise. 

Land your ideal candidates. Forecast your talent needs, and build up a talent pipeline so you can spend more time zeroing in on best-fit candidates for your business.

Reduce turnover. Get tailored employee engagement and retention strategies to keep your workers satisfied and on the job for years to come.

looking to hire in HR?

Beat the tight talent market and get the people you need with these tailored human resources hiring tips.

get your HR hiring guide right arrow illustration

*Randstad US, “randstad client survey executive summaries.” 2019.

find and retain the talent you need with randstad sales and marketing.

Whether it's solving a client issue, offering a new solution or crafting a message that resonates, sales and marketing teams maintain the critical lines of communication that connect you with your customers. 

Businesses understand this — and that's why demand for sales and marketing personnel isn't expected to recede anytime soon. Unfortunately, that also means that if you're looking to hire in these areas, going it alone may no longer be enough. And that's where Randstad Sales and Marketing comes in. 

the right sales and marketing talent for your workplace 

With unemployment down across the board, competition for talent is increasing, so you can't afford to get left on the sidelines. Partnering with Randstad Sales and Marketing, a division of Randstad Professionals Group, ensures you never miss out on the critical talent you need — no matter the state of the hiring market. 

Get the best of the best. With deep, firsthand experience in the field, our recruiters know what fuels top sales and marketing teams. They'll leverage this in-depth understanding of the qualities it takes to succeed to find you the best candidates out there.  

Hire faster. A speedy hiring cycle is quickly becoming necessary for landing top talent. Our experts will help you hire faster by leveraging pre-established talent networks and cutting-edge HR tech that expedites hiring processes from end to end.  

10 daystop talent is only on the market for 10 days — yet time to hire for most organizations is between two and three months.*

Avoid turnover. Bad hires are expensive. That's why our recruiters assess attributes like working and communication styles, along with experience and qualifications, to make sure you get talent that fits your workplace — not somebody else's.  

how much do bad hires hurt? here's what employers had to say:

cost of a bad hire_graph

We can help you hire sales and marketing talent on a temporary, temporary-to-hire or direct-hire basis. Some of our specialties include, but are not limited to, staffing for:

  • account executives

  • account managers

  • digital marketing managers

  • graphic designers

  • marketing analysts

  • marketing communications managers

  • sales directors

  • sales VPs

strategies for hiring — and beyond

Hiring great people is just the first step. In order for your workplace to flourish, you need to be able to support your employees long-term — and we can give you strategies and solutions to help you do just that. Our talent experts can help you:

Engage employees. Highly engaged teams are more profitable and productive overall. We'll develop a tailored employee engagement strategy to help you keep those heads held high.  

Reduce churn. Turnover is costly, and the more time you spend searching for replacement candidates, the less time you're spending on your business. Partner with our staffing specialists to get an employee retention strategy that's right for you.

Get the best out of your people. Drive performance and increase productivity across your teams with workforce management strategies aimed at addressing the challenges you and your employees face today.

looking to hire in sales and marketing?

Get an individual hiring plan for the specific positions you're looking to fill in our detailed sales and marketing hiring guide.

find your guide right arrow illustration

*Randstad US, “randstad client survey executive summaries.” 2019.

why do our clients like working with randstad professionals?

Our clients value our personalized approach to staffing for the ongoing working relationship it creates and the quality of candidates it provides. Our experts take the time to work with you on a one-on-one basis to gain a deeper understanding of your business needs. They also work collaboratively with you to determine the right talent solutions for your organization.

Recruiters at Randstad Professionals are experts in your industry with past experience in the field. They're passionate about what you do and know the type of talent it takes to help you do it better.

what makes randstad professionals different?

At Randstad Professionals, we don't just fill roles. Our rigorous pre-screening and interviewing processes ensure you get the right fit from day one. Our experts are trained to leverage our high-tech, high-touch approach to staffing, which combines the power of today's latest HR technologies with keen human insight to uncover candidates with both the skills and working styles needed to succeed in your business.

As part of one of the world's largest staffing firms, our network is vast and filled with qualified, pre-vetted talent from across the globe. This extensive reach enables our representatives to customize a recruiting plan tailored to your specific demographic and competitive landscape. When you partner with Randstad Professionals, you get the best of both worlds — the resources of a large organization with the personalized approach of a boutique firm.

which functions does randstad professionals staff for?

Randstad Professionals provides temporary and direct-hire candidates for the accounting and finance, human resources, legal and sales and marketing sectors.

Randstad Professionals can help you find candidates across all functions in these areas, whether you’re hiring for entry- or senior-level roles. From accountants, financial analysts, HR coordinators and generalists, to directors of sales and paralegals, we've got you covered.  

what is randstad professionals?

Randstad Professionals is a division of Randstad that provides talent solutions for accounting and finance, human resources, legal and sales and marketing functions. Our candidates are qualified and pre-vetted and are available on temporary, temporary-to-hire and direct-hire bases.

When it comes to hiring legal talent who understand the current laws, regulations and what’s at stake with noncompliance, you can’t afford anything less than the best. But in today’s tough hiring market, it can feel nearly impossible to find skilled legal staff in a reasonable timeframe. 

To find the talent you need to stay current and compliant, you need a team of expert recruiters to lead the charge — and that’s where we come in. When you partner with Randstad Legal, you get a recruiting team primarily made up of former lawyers, paralegals and litigation support professionals. Together, they use their insight and expertise to match your company’s needs with the right professional to create immediate impact.

the savvy legal talent your workplace demands

Unemployment is nearing record lows and the competition to hire skilled legal talent is fierce. Randstad Legal can help you move faster and hire smarter.

Hire faster. With so few candidates on the market, you need to move quickly to secure top talent. Tap into our candidate pipeline and fill your empty roles fast. 

move quickly — top talent is only on the market for 10 days, something most organizations struggle to keep up with.

Avoid costly mistakes. Our legal recruiters work closely with you to understand exactly what you’re looking for so you can make the right hire the first time.

just how costly is a bad hire? here’s what employers had to say:

Find your perfect match. Our legal recruiting team is made up primarily of former legal professionals, so they have the expertise to respond appropriately to your industry-specific needs.

Our recruiters can help you hire legal talent on a temporary, temporary-to-hire or direct-hire basis for specialities including but not limited to:

  • attorneys (all levels and specializations)

  • attorney document reviewers

  • case clerks

  • general counsel

  • legal administrative assistants/secretaries

  • legal marketing resources

  • legal human resources

  • litigation support professionals

  • paralegals

more than just hiring

Taking your organization to the next level requires more than just hiring great employees — you need to create an environment they want to work in. Our legal recruiters can help with that, too!

Ensure your new hires stick around. A solid employee retention strategy builds loyalty and can boost productivity. We can help you skip the trouble of unexpected hiring sprees altogether and instead invest in keeping your current employees at their sharpest.

Keep productivity at its peak. Engaged employees work harder and stay with you longer. We’ll partner with you to develop an engagement strategy that works for you — and your employees.

Stay on top of the latest guidelines. With laws and regulations changing as quickly as they do, you need employees who stay ahead of the latest changes in the legal world and understand the significance of staying in the know. Our legal team can find you just that.

Of course, we’ve only scratched the surface here. To learn more, check out our guide to hiring in the legal field.

*Randstad US, “randstad client survey executive summaries.” 2019.

retention's ROI: why and how to improve retention on your team.

Employee retention is a problem for employers everywhere. But if you're leading a sales team, it's likely even more of an issue. The average turnover rate across all industries is 13 percent, but in sales it's almost three times that much, coming in at a staggering 35 percent. 

That's particularly problematic when you consider that the average cost of replacing an employee is 21 percent of their annual salary. With turnover costing U.S. businesses something to the tune of $1T a year, that seemingly high figure's not too hard to fathom. 

employee turnover costs U.S. businesses $1T a year.

With those numbers in mind, don't let all the hard work you did building a high-performing sales team go to waste. Hold on to more of your business's hard-earned funds and keep your team together with these tips to improve retention. 

keep your pay rates competitive

One of the major contributing factors behind the rise of job hopping is that a new position at a new company will typically come with a higher salary than the standard annual raise. In fact, one Gallup poll found that a pay bump of 20 percent would be all it takes for a majority of disengaged employees to leave their current companies.

54% pie chart 54% of disengaged employees said they'd leave their current companies for a 20% pay bump with another organization.

To help you stave off turnover, make sure your salary levels are in-line with those of your competitors. Here's what you can do:

  • Use an online salary calculator. An online salary calculator is a great source of current pay data that you can use as a reference when setting your pay rates.

  • Filter settings by job title and location to find the average rates for your area — then make sure to match them. 

  • Keep an eye on salary fluctuations at least once a year to make sure what you're offering is still able to match — or beat — the market. 

improve work perks and benefits 

Strong salaries backed by best-in-class benefits are a winning combination for employee retention. In fact, 78 percent of employees said their benefits packages were just as important as their salaries in keeping them at their current jobs. So what, then, should you be offering? Here's what employees told us they were interested in most:

what employees are interested in most pie chartAnd even if leading the market on both salary and benefits isn't realistic for your business, tipping the scales more in favor of benefits could yield similar results: Sixty-one percent of employees said they'd be willing to accept a lower salary if a company had a great benefits package. 

concentrate on career development and training

It's a major reason that employees leave: Fifty-seven percent of workers said that if they wanted to progress their careers, they'd have to leave their current companies

  • Communicate pathways to advancement: The less mystery around internal advancement, the better. Illustrating the pathways forward in your organization eases employee concerns and gives them tangible goals to work toward. 

  • Provide access to training and development: This can be either on or offsite, depending on your resources. If it's an area you can't address in-house, provide a stipend or reimbursement for courses that can improve your team members' skills.

  • Be open about open opportunities: Before you hit the external job market, notify staff regarding open roles and take in-house applications first. 

cultivate a healthy workplace culture

Remember how carefully you screened candidates for team compatibility? Don't let all that good chemistry you created go to waste. Maintaining a positive and inclusive work environment will result in better performance and improved employee engagement across the board — two key conditions that are important to keeping your retention levels down. 

the retention risks of poor workplace culture:

poor workplace culture pie chart
  • 58% of employees have left jobs, or are considering leaving them, due to negative office politics.

  • 38% of workers have left jobs due to toxic workplace culture or one where they don't fit in

In a field like sales, where turnover is already higher than average, you want to make sure you can cover all your bases. Here's what to do to make sure your workplace culture is up to par:

  • Create a mission statement: Really dig deep here. Creating a sense of purpose for your team's work, and communicating how their efforts will be instrumental to your company's growth, can help unite workers around a common cause and improve camaraderie.  

  • Open the lines of communication: Unclear protocol around how team members should raise concerns or offer suggestions creates the kind of unfavorable conditions that can deteriorate a workplace's culture. Make sure you define clear communication channels, and express an openness to accepting feedback and new ideas. 

  • Support and include: Friendly quota competition is healthy, but unifying your team and working together as a unit will always result in better performance. Implement and enforce diversity and inclusion policies that make everyone feel included and encourage collaboration on projects whenever possible. 


If you notice employee retention starting to decline on your team, act fast and follow these steps to address it before it gets too far out of hand. 

Oftentimes, problems with employee retention can be avoided by building  better staffing and engagement strategies in advance. By making better-fit hires from the get-go and taking active measures to monitor engagement on your team, you'll be less likely to experience a widespread issue with retention down the line. 

Visit the Randstad Learning Center for concrete steps you can follow to develop staffing, engagement and retention plans for your business.

4 ways to outsmart your recruiting challenges.

You’re busy. Between a barrage of deadlines, urgent requests and day-to-day duties, it can feel hard to get your head above water. While an extra set of hands will surely lessen the load for you and your team, finding the time to vet and hire an effective employee is a tall order when the rest of your work doesn’t stop. 

Although recruiting typically falls into HR’s lap, it often feels necessary to take that responsibility upon yourself due to the complicated web of finance lingo that comes with vetting potential candidates’ skills, qualifications and experience. So when you’re tasked with recruiting new members for your team, how do you find the time to search for, vet and hire candidates — all while staying current on your deadlines?

We’ve put together a list of four steps you can take to outsmart the cat-and-mouse game of hiring.

position your company as a place people want to work

Candidates spend a good amount of time vetting your company, asking questions like: What sort of growth opportunities are available? Do you have a competitive benefits package? Are you hip with the current trends?

To get ahead of those questions, here are a couple of steps to take as you invest time in growing your team.

1. write impactful job posts

Your job post is often one of the first things a prospective employee considers when deciding if they’d like to work for your company. So think of your job post as an advertisement — use the job post as an opportunity to generate buzz and excitement around your company. Using engaging language and providing a clear explanation of what the job entails can make a world of difference in encouraging a candidate to submit an application.

think of your job post as an advertisement — use it as an opportunity to generate buzz and excitement around your company.

2. turn your employees into brand ambassadors

Do your current employees love where they work? Would they recommend your company to their friends and family? If the answer is no, you may want to revisit your employee engagement strategy — after all, engaged employees are excited employees, and that excitement is contagious! Consider taking some time to better understand your employees’ attitudes about their work and your company to see what small changes you can make to have a big (and rippling) impact on your growth.

try searching within

In the technology age, it can be hard to find people with the right technical knowledge for your open positions — especially when it comes to industry-specific software and certifications. But sometimes the best candidates are sitting just outside of your office.

upskilling pie chart 82 percent of employees say lifelong learning is important, but nearly 40 percent report their employers don’t provide upskilling opportunities

Your employees are eager to learn, and the cost of sending your employees through additional training and certification courses is often cheaper than onboarding someone completely new (especially if it doesn’t work out, since replacing an employee can cost up to 21% of their salary). Not to mention the positive impact this will have on your employee morale.

move quickly 

Top talent is on the market as little as 10 days. Between a 2.1% unemployment rate in the financial industry (according to BLS) and the aforementioned growth expected for the industry, there’s no time to waste when it comes to hiring great talent. 

To help you face these obstacles head on, we’ve put together a list of four steps you can take to start hiring faster — and we’ve already mentioned a couple of them!

partner with a staffing firm

A trusted partner will take the time to understand your business, as well as the exact qualifications you’re looking for in a new hire. With that, they can advocate for your company to their vast and diverse networks, giving you the reach you may not achieve on your own.

a full-service staffing firm can work with you to develop strategies for employee engagement, employee retention and workforce management.

Plus, because staffing firms maintain an arsenal of skilled candidates who are ready to work when you are, they’re often able to fill your jobs fast — which, as we’ve mentioned, is imperative. 

And even beyond simple hiring, a full-service staffing firm can work with you to develop strategies for employee engagement, employee retention and workforce management. The result? A renewed energy for your business, and a sense of excitement across your workforce (which is great for ROI). 

Ready to dive into a partnership with a staffing firm? Here are five questions you’ll want to ask when choosing a potential staffing partner so you know you’re choosing the right match for you. Or, if you want to start browsing candidates right away, head on over to our Find Employees portal to start hiring today.

search for candidates now button

all reward and no risk: how to ensure compliance when taking on temps.

Whether you have a particularly busy season coming up, or your business just isn't in a position to commit to full-time hires, the flexibility and cost-savings that temporary talent can bring are often too good to ignore.

However, you can't just go run out and hire a team of temporary workers on a whim — you’re the head of legal and compliance for the entire company — it's your job to be cautious and vet the process thoroughly before giving the go-ahead.

To help you as you go about making your decision, here are a few key ways that you can minimize risk so your business can get the flexible support it needs — without the added stress.

1. don’t skimp on compliance training

There are a lot of adjustments that temporary employees will need to make during their first few weeks on the job. Besides coming into a new work environment and trying to learn the ins and outs of a new role, they’ll also need to assimilate into your business’s way of operating from a compliance standpoint.

Too often, training focuses on helping new hires get up to speed on the knowledge and skills they’ll need to start contributing — especially if it’s coming during a busy season where you needed help yesterday — but the policies and procedures that need to be observed while doing so get left by the wayside.

Look to your own industry to identify what best practices or regulations might apply to the roles you’re filling and train accordingly. For instance, if you’re staffing for customer-facing roles or ones that involve dealing with any kind of sensitive client data, you’ll want to organize training centered on current data handling and protection laws to ensure no costly mistakes are made during a new hire’s first few days on the job.

Sixty-six percent of the 601 training professionals who responded to one survey said that their employees were the weakest link in their data security operations — yet only 35 percent said their senior executives believed it was a priority to train them on how to improve.

train new temps on all the role-specific policies and procedures they’ll need to know.

While you may not be in charge of handling cybersecurity — and this is just one example — you are in charge of ensuring your employees know what’s required to stay compliant across all areas of the business.

2. know the rights of temporary employees

After you’ve briefed your new temporary hires on the policies and procedures that need to be followed, it’s time to make you and your management team the focus to ensure there are no slip-ups on your end.

Blindspots often appear when managing a hybrid workforce of both full-time and temporary employees, as it’s easy to view them as two separate entities.

Even though they may be technically employed through a staffing agency, temporary workers are entitled to all the same workplace rights and protections as your full-time employees, and glossing over this fact is where some organizations can make themselves more vulnerable to risk.

Areas to keep in mind include:

hours worked
Temp employees are entitled to time and a half pay for overtime hours worked.

Sometimes a staffing agency will handle the filing, but it's not a given. Make sure you clear this up with your staffing partner prior to tax season.

workplace rights
Temp employees are covered under federal and state equal opportunity laws, which protects them from sexual harassment and workplace discrimination.

3. get talent from a trusted source

Working with a staffing firm that can deliver qualified professionals who already have a good understanding of the laws and regulations that pertain to your industry will reduce the risk even further.

You'll want to look for staffing agencies that specialize in hiring for your field. By dedicating all their time to staffing in the areas you need most, the recruiters at these agencies will be able to speak your same language and find talent with not only the skills and experience — but the knowledge of policy and regulatory guidelines to get the job done right.

Staffing firms can also help you reduce risk by:

keeping you up to date on regulatory changes
The recruiting specialists you work with will have expertise in your field to go along with staffing, which means they can provide you with information on the latest policy changes.

providing tailored workforce management strategies
Staffing agencies have strategists on board who can design tailored workforce management plans to help your business stay compliant.

helping you avoid bad hires
Staffing firms have established talent networks of proven, pre-vetted professionals. That means that the talent they send you will have already passed through previous rounds of evaluation, reducing the risk of a new hire not working out or not being a fit for your workplace.

staffing firms find talent with the right skills and culture fit for your workplace.

While there's no such thing as a sure thing, covering your bases with the points above will get you on the way to minimizing risk to the point where your business can safely and securely take on temporary talent.

If you're ready to start searching for candidates now, visit our Find Employees portal, or get in touch with us today to learn more about how a partnership with a staffing firm can help your business.

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